ColetteXHelloKittyXPlayboy….triple collaboration – triple fun?

For all who have not heart right now. The Japanese comic character Hello Kitty turns 40 this year. It was first introduced by a design team around Yuko Yamaguchi on a vinyl coin purse back in 1974 and became a world phenomenon soon after.


The first item baring the cute Hello Kitty character was this vinyl coin purse back in 1974!!!!

That’s not enough for this year! Hugh Hefner’s Playboy turned 60 in December 2013.

Hugh Hefner

First cover of the Playboy back in December 1953.

Hello Kitty was first intended for small children and the playboy for adult men. Funnily both the cute kitty and the bunny turned out to attract also a lot of grown up woman and were printed on iPhone covers, T-shirts etc. soon after. So why not fuse them under the name of a third icon namely the Parisian concept store Colette? The result? ColetteXHelloKittyXPlayboy – A kitty with bunny ears and a bunny with a kitty bow! A lot of stylish limited pieces with the new “Play Kitty” and “Hello Bunny” ranging from harribo sweets over a Charvet bow tie to a Leica camera are available at Colette.


Hello Kitty x Playboy x Colette cupcake bloc notes

Colette Paris

Hello Kitty x Playboy x Colette note bloc cupcake

Colette Paris

Hello Kitty x Playboy x Colette note bloc

My personal favorite is the cupcake shaped note bloc with the Kitty on one side and the Bunny on the other side of the cup. I think it will light up every grey desk. Some items are available on the Colette website, others are in store exclusive! Whats your favorite?

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