Dinner @Taverna la Fenice during Biennale di Venezia

Are you among them happy ones who visit the Italian city Venice between June 7th and November 23rd 2014? Congratulations you have the incredible option to visit the Biennale di Venezia, which is curated by Rem Koolhaas this year. As the city usually gets quite crowded at the time of the Biennale die Venezia you might need a few good restaurant tips. Here comes a short review of Taverna la Fenice, which we chose as an evening location on the second evening of our recent Venice trip.

Biennale di Venezia

I immediately fell in love with the raw vegetables served as an appetizer.

The Taverna is tucked away in a cosy side street just behind the Teatro la Fenice. We spotted it during the day because we immediately fell in love with the beautiful terrace and asked the waiter wether he has a table for us in the evening. He agreed and we came back at 7:00. As a snack each table is equipped with a glass filled with some fresh vegetable including carrot, asparagus and paprika as well as olive oil as a dip.

As an apero we ordered the traditional Venetian Spritz (Aperol, white wine, soda water) and started to explore the large menu afterwards. The great thing about the menu is that you can order half portions, which is especially good when you are with kids or want to try a variety of different dishes.

Italian food

Mozzarella at Taverna la Fenice

As an “Antipasto” I chose the prosciutto di Parma, as I always do when I am in North Italy. My husband and the kids chose to share a Burrata mozzarella. The waiter who was about to bring our food first suggested it to a neighboring table. After they refused to take it we told him from a distance that it was our table, that had ordered the ham and the mozzarella. Regarding the food I can only say that the slices of my ham weren’t cut thin enough to develop a good flavor. The mozzarella was good but not exceptional.


Our primo piatto – spinach-ricotta pasta at Taverna la Fenice

As “Primo Piatto” the kids and I had ordered some kind of spinach ricotta pasta and my husband an asparagus soup. When our food arrived I was about to receive a plate with ravioli. As the plates of the kids looked totally different and more like what I had expected I told the waiter that he must be mistaken. So the waiter took away all our plates and returned about 5 min later with the correct food. The pasta as well as the soup were super delicious.

As “Secondo Piatto” all of us had chosen veal escallop in Marsala sauce, which was just perfect. Has the temperature had fallen heavily after we had finished our secondi we chose to pay and have the dessert elsewhere.


Piazza di San Marco at night


The famed Cafe Quadri on Piazza San Marco at night – almost empty!

After a stroll around the night-lit Piazza San Marco we ended up at a Venetian classic, Harrys Bar.


The world famous Harry’s Bar at Hotel Cipriani. Besides the world wide known Bellinis and Carpaccio I suggest to everyone to try the ice cream.

Here we had the most fabulous ice dream (vanilla ice cream with different dips) I can imagine. Afterwards we enjoyed the locations signature Bellini’s, which are extremely recommendable.

Venice Biennale

Pier where the free evening shuttle boats back to hotel Centurion Palace departed.

Finally used to free hotel boat shuttle from Piazza San Marco back to the Centurion Palace hotel.

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