Beachwear guide part 1: A closer look at swimwear taking inspiration from Grace Kelly

When it comes to swimwear I always like to draw inspiration from the pre-all-over printed super colorful era. Among my absolute favorite bikini icons is Grace Kelly in a white two piece, slightly tanned skin, red lips and her blonde hair – just perfect! However, I guess almost every woman has a different perception of her own day at the beach. Usually skin isn’t tanned as tanned as Grace Kelly’s, after one time swimming the hair doesn’t look anymore like Grace Kelly’s and even the waterproof makeup is everywhere in the face but not where it should be. But definitely the worst thing is that your swimwear makes you feel less than comfortable!!! Do you need some tips for your upcoming swimwear purchase?

Côte d'Azur

Grace Kelly in her iconic white Bikini,


Grace Kelly in a white bikini,

  • Choose a two piece ensemble instead of a one-piece! Basically you have the choice between a one piece and a two piece style. I personally recommend the two piece no matter what shape you have, because a one piece can only look good when it has some nice cutouts or stuff like that!!! A one piece without any sexy detailing and even worse breast forming cups or a tummy control function is the worst thing you can wear! (Consider losing weight if you feel you definitely need such styles!)
  • When showing lots of skin at the top be more modest at the bottom and vice versa! Never show too much skin even if your shape is perfect. If you have beautiful straight shoulders go for a triangle top and combine it with shorts that cover a fair amount of your buttock. Never go for triangle tops in case of hanging shoulders wear a strapless style or even better a style with straps starting in the middle of the bra and wrap around the neck.
  • A bikini should never cut into the skin! This can be tricky especially at the buttock region.
  • Buy from a brand that offers individual composition of your Bikini! This allows not only to buy a different size for top and bottom but also to effortlessly create mismatch bikini styles.
  • Start with a plain colored style instead of brightly patterned versions! White is one of the best colors. It doesn’t fade too easy by repeated sun exposure.
  • Go for matte fabrics and pay attention that they don’t get too sheer after getting wet!

Taking inspiration from the iconic photographs of Grace Kelly in a white two piece swimsuit here are some of my favorite white bikinis.

  1. Eres, VOYOU bikini top and CAVALE briefs, white, (Incredible brand, because you can choose from a variety of shapes and colors to build your own mix and match bikini wardrobe!!!)
  2. Etam, SAMBA shorts and SAMBA triangle push up, white, (Fabulous brand – you can choose from many shapes and colors and compose your own set. They have so many styles and very good prices!!!)
  3. Fendi, bikini,

 Do you like shopping for swim wear? Do you have any further recommendations? Whats your favorite brand?

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