Top 10 summer essentials – Moscot sunglasses & more

Sunglasses are among the top fashion essentials year round. They easily turn a boring look into a stunning outfit. While its great to experiment with different frame shapes and colors as well as lens shades I personally tend to turn to classic designs with a slightly vintage feel. Here are my top 3 brands for sunglasses shopping:

1. Moscot

I had heard a lot of Moscot sunglasses and optical frames prior to our recent trip to New York and consequently a visit to their 108 Orchard street store just a few houses from the original place where everything started in 1936 was an absolute must! Moscot is a downtown New York based eyewear brand worn by celebrities including Terry Richardson and Jonny Depp. They have  an incredible selection of optical frames and sunglasses with a certain vintage spirit and a totally unique retail environment!!!!

Terry Richardson

Moscot, Retired, Alexis, slate green, photo@

2. Cutler and Cross

Besides Moscot sunglasses Cutler and Gross, a British company founded in 1969, has great styles. Whenever you are in London don’t forget to visit their vintage boutique in Knightsbridge its outstanding!

Cutler and Gross

Besides Moscot sunglasses Cutler and Gross has great styles, photo

3. Oliver Peoples

Besides Moscot sunglasses and Cutler and Gross shades, the US West cost based brand Oliver Peoples, which was established in 1986 has an interesting portfolio.

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Sir Finley, photo@

Which brands do you love the most when it comes to sunglasses?

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