Top 10 summer essentials – Equipment sleeveless shirts and more

Summer has completely arrived and for many of us there are only a few weeks left until summer holidays start. After providing you with some inspirations regarding straw hats and sunglasses – here is the next item I consider as absolutely essential when it comes to packing for the big summer getaway. Its the sleeveless shirt! Which brand to turn to when it comes to shopping for them?

1. Equipment sleeveless shirts

OK, when it comes to shirts I am a little addicted to the fabulous basic pieces from Equipment. Just for reference Equipment was initially a French brand founded by Carine Roitfelds long term companion Christian Restoin. However, today its owned by the US entrepreneur Serge Azria, who happens to be the force behind Joie and Current Elliott as well. As a consequence of all of that Equipment is the thing every European Union citizen should stock up when visiting the US (e.g. Slim Signature shirt, silk in US $204.00 (equals $150.80) and in EU EURO 290.00 at – Not only price wise but also regarding the availability of different styles!!!


Equipment sleeveless shirts The Keira in black such a great basic when worn with a pair of shorts, photo@montaignemarket

Equipment Keira

Equipment sleeveless shirts, the Keira in bright white is a must for every woman’s wardrobe and has to be packed when leaving the summer vacation,

  • Equipment The Keira shirt, grey silk on sale at for EURO 135.00 (EURO138.00 is the regular price at Equipment USA!!!)
  • Equipment Keira shirt, bright white,, DOLLAR 188,00 *equals EURO138.97


2. Maison Martin Margiela

Besides the Equipment sleeveless shirts Maison Martin Margiela often has interesting shirts. The cap sleeved white shirt has a certain edge but still feels basic enough to wear for more than one season.

Equipment sleeveless shirts

Maison Martin Margiela white sleeveless shirt, photo@


3. Marc by Marc Jacobs

Although not a permanent fixture of his collections Marc Jacobs has a great sleeveless shirt in white with black trimming in his portfolio for this summer.

Equipment sleeveless shirts

Marc by Marc Jacobs Frances top,

Do you like to wear sleeveless shirts? Do you have a favorite brand?

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