Top 10 summer essentials – the Mise en Dior tribal earring & Co

In the Justine Picardie written biography “Coco Chanel – Her life” it is said that while being in Venice Chanel thought about woman bathing in the lagoon that they would have looked so much better if they would have worn their pearls in the water, the element where they originated from. Well I don’t quite agree with her, because the salt water destroys all kinds of jewelry within a few days, but I feel that there is no better season to wear pearls than in summer with a slight tan! And this season we are happy enough that pearls are a huge trend, particularly when it comes to double pearl designs. So where to get some of the best pearl pieces this season?

Dior tribal earrings, Sophie Bille Brahe Ellipse earrings and Delfina Delettrez banana shapes are cool but somehow already a little bit of old news. Taking inspiration from Emma Watson’s recent appearance at the Valentino couture show I strongly feel that the close to the ear double pearl styles might be succeeded by more hanging double pearl shapes in recent times.

Asherali Knopfer

Taking inspiration from Emma Watson at the Valentino Couture presentation ( double pearl hanging earrings are a great way to accessorize airy jumpsuits or dresses for a summer evening!

No matter whether you prefer the hanging or the close to the ear fitting version a double pearl earring definitely is one of the absolute musts of every stylish summer wardrobe!!!

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