Top 10 summer essentials – the no logo beach tote

After the straw hat, the sunglasses, the sleeveless shirt, the denim cutoffs, the flat sandals and the pearl earrings here comes summer essential number 7 – the beach tote. When it comes to the perfect beach tote the first thing I have to remind everyone of is to do yourself a favor and leave your designer logo tote from Louis Vuitton, Goyard or Michael Kors at home – it looks over styled to the max!!! So what are the best beach totes?

1. The no logo beach tote – Straw bag

Taking inspiration from Jane Birkin the ultimate perfect beach tote is a straw tote or basket. There are some brands offering great straw totes but its likely to get the best styles on a market directly at your holiday destination!

Jane Birkin

Some inspirations regarding no logo beach totes

2. The no logo beach tote – Canvas bags & bags made out of military fabric

Its almost impossible to recommend a brand as there is no rule. I personally use everything from a linen bag bought at a cool art fair or art exhibition as well as vintage finds!

3. The no logo beach tote – Ethno bags

Besides showing that you are well educated its also cool to show that you are well traveled with a great ethno bag bought in South America or Africa!