Trending for fall 2014 – oversized coats!

Long coats are definitely one of the major trends for fall 2014. Besides that oversizing is another big trend when it comes to coats. Lets gather some runway pics of the best oversized coats of the season!

oversized coats

The pretty coats on the runway at Isabel Marant,

If you don’t want to jump on an overtly oversized version and prefer something that looks like you have simply thrown over your boyfriends or husbands jacket Isabel Marant has the right pieces this fall! The iconic Baki and Bator style has been relaunched this season as the Etta and Jady jacket. The Jady is available at in black (EURO 640.00) and at in black & red (EURO 650.00).

Celine oversized coats

Besides more tailored styles Phoebe Philo created a huge amount of super big coats for the Celine fall 2014 presentation!

At Celine tailored and oversized coats were presented side by side on the runway and in the pre-collection. So Phoebe Philo wanted to make the customers choose whether they are more into the oversized or the tailored approach for this fall! And as always Celine holds some of the very best winter coats!

oversized coats

oversized coats at Stella McCarteny,

Besides Isabel Marant and Celine Stella McCartney showed lots of oversized coats on the runway.

Oversizing is a trend thats around since quite some seasons – so its not brand new. While the above shown and several other brands like Chanel still go for it this fall other leading designers like Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton seem to return to a more fitted approach!

What do you think – Still in love with oversizing or starting to get tired of it?

10 thoughts on “Trending for fall 2014 – oversized coats!

  1. christa

    Isabel Marant Baki is my absolute love! Like to wear it whole year – for a chilly summer evening, in spring, in fall and even in the deepest winter with a Moncler puffy waistcoat underneath!

  2. nfh

    I agree with Annie the Jady is so dissimilar to the Baki! For Baki the shoulders were oversized and not fitting – as there was no shoulder padding it was possible to choose how fitted or oversized you wanted to wear the jacket – by simply going one size up or down! For Jady the shoulder padding forces you to stay true to your size to avoid looking like a football player! I like Jady too, but preferred Baki so much more!

  3. Zoe

    Just a little confused – which one from the picture Isabel Marant jackets is Baki, which Etta and which Jady? Has the winter collection already arrived in store? My SA at Theresa told me that it didn’t?

    1. stylecloseup Post author

      Thanks for your question Zoe! The Baki is a jacket that was on the Isabel Marant runway for winter 2009 (in store starting around Sept 2009) its not pictured above to read more about it see my post: ‎! The Jady is a Isabel Marant jacket from the fall 2014 collection its available at many stores at the moment & was featured in the brands collection lookbook ( ! The Etta is a jacket from the winter 2014 runway its the first jacket in the Isabel Marant photo row in the post! It was available to preorder at modaoperandi but I don’t feel that it hit store already! At least moda operandi didn’t deliver it yet!

  4. helen

    These oversized men’s style blazers are one of the Isabel Marant bestsellers aren’t they. They are almost an Isabel Marant signature. However, this season I feel that the shoulder padding is too bold!

  5. caro85

    The Celine and Stella McCartney styles are too big for me. I like it when the shoulders are fitted or slightly oversized! Isabel Marant first pic looks pretty cool, except the color!

  6. nora

    The last one from the Celine row looks like it had directly stepped out of the Comme des Garcons runway 🙂 No, honestly I love tailored jackets so much more!

  7. nfh

    Etta arrived at NAP and I received my ModaOperandi preorder last week I just have to send out a warning. The jacket is €745 at modaop and €620 at NAP!!!!!! Next thing the jacket has a horrible fit – oversized padded shoulders and an extremely elliptic shape, which is overtly narrow at the waist!!!!! 🙁 For me as a huge Isabel Marant devotee a total disappointment 🙁

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