Shoe shopping guide fall 2014

Besides handbags, shoes are without doubt almost every woman’s favorite fashion purchase. This doesn’t come without some good reasons. No matter which shape you are – a shoe shopping never disappoints as they always fit irrespective of your waist and hip measurements. More than bags shoes are a key factor to pull an outfit together. A great shoe can spice up an otherwise boring look in the same way an unflattering shoe ruins a great outfit! And surely it doesn’t hurt that much to purchase a shoe as it does to invest in a great handbag. That said let’s sum up what to keep in mind while shoe shopping this fall season!

shoe shopping guide 2014

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Although I still guess that it is more than just appropriate to wear classic loafers, like Gucci horse bite, mocassins, like Tods Gomino, or ballet flats, like Chanel’s two tone, I wouldn’t say that its the best time to add these styles to your wardrobe. For all those, who are like me classsic lovers at heart but still want to stay in trend, this fall might be the best time to invest in a fabulous pair of Church’s brogues.

For all off duty occasions its high time to go for trainers. While the iconic Adidas Stan Smith might not be the thing a fashion forward thinking person is into for this fall and the high end Chanel trainers tend to be too flashy for many peoples taste, there are several cool artist collaboration shoes around. One of my favorites – the premudded Adidas x Ryan Gander shoe.

Ryan Gander

Adidas x Ryan Gander trainers, pic

You can’t go wrong with a simple heel! That’s a fact! All woman in my family adore heels and try to wear them to as many occasions as possible. But for sure when you don’t consider a shoe higher than 85 mm as an evening only shoe you are lying to yourself! My top 3 brands to buy simple and comfortable heels: 1.) Prada (… slightly boring but really comfortable, perfect choice for a shopping afternoon in the city or for work), 2.) Manolo Blahnik BB 70 mm (fab for work or city strolls), 3.) Christian Louboutin (always the best).

If you don’t want to go for classic heels this fall it might be an option to buy square heeled styles in line with the current 60ies trend. However, I somehow consider the style as a little dangerous due to the inherent girly factor.


Squared heeled 60ies style shoes by Prada and Saint Laurent are a huge trend this fall, pic,

For boots classic heeled shapes and Chelsea styles are offered by many brands. Biker boots are neither really classy nor really trendy, but still fashionable to wear this fall winter season. Although I did not mange to get my hands on a pair until now my favorites are still Christian Caroll Poell!!! Although not really new I feel that lace up styles seem to be a big trend this fall. My top brands to get flat lace up boots are Doc Martens, Marsell and Chanel. For heeled lace up boots I can only recommend everyone to get hands on the Saint Laurent cat boots. I bought mine back in spring and can only say that I have rarely found a shoe that is that comfortable and fabulously looking as this one!!!!

What are your must have shoes for the current season?