Chanel cruise Seoul handbagporn!

Today Chanel cruise Seoul, the brands latest collection, which is about to hit stores in November, has been presented at Zaha Hadid’s masterwork Dongdaemun Design Plaza. So high time to check out the handbags? What about the new cult plexiglass minaudière? Did the story of the Girl bag, you know the jacket turned bag, continue?

Chanel cruise Seoul

The tortoiseshell minaudière is likely to be the next collectible mini bag from the Chanel family, picture found on

Chanel has a long history of collectible cult minaudières  sometimes witty like the number 5 Bottle bag from cruise Singapore 2014 sometimes simply stunning like the pearl minaudière from cruise Dubai 2015. For the Chanel cruise Seoul collection Karl Lagerfeld created a tortoiseshell minaudière, which appeared in two different colours. In contrast to its predecessors the tortoiseshell is lacking an obvious connection with the codes of the house of Chanel. Besides that carrying a tortoiseshell on a strap, even though I guess its a plexiglass one, might raise some eyebrows among all those fashionistas with a certain interest in sustainability.

Chanel Seoul

Chanel Girl bag, picture found on

chanel cruise seoul

Jacket from Chanel cruise Seoul inspired by a Girl bag from spring 2015, picture found on

So let’s come to the Girl Bag. In a certain way Chanel cruise Seoul will be remembered as the collection where the Girl bag learned to walk the runway. Well, let’s be serious. The Girl bag was absent. Just exactly the same fabric and colour scheme as used for a spring 2015 Boulevard Chanel bag was parading down the runway as a blazer. Seems that my initial thoughts of the Girl Bag being a PR item with a rather sort shelf life finally proofed right.

chanel cruise seoul

For the Chanel cruise Seoul collection Karl Lagerfeld reworked the closures of the classic bags. Chanel signature CC and Mademoiselle lock were substituted by a trunk like closure in some styles, picture found on

So what else? There were lots of Boy and flap bag styles. A new trunk like closure for the flap bags was introduced and Chanel seems to try to dig a little deeper into the travel luggage inspired bag category.

What’s your favourite from Chanel cruise Seoul? Did you like the show?

4 thoughts on “Chanel cruise Seoul handbagporn!

  1. zoe

    I can’t believe that Chanel is now doing Louis Vuitton style trunk closures. I really feel sorry for everyone, who buys such a Chanel – Louis Vuitton hybrid bag!

  2. Adriene

    The tortoise is actually closely associated with the brand if you care to delve into it and look at the history. Mademoiselle was highly superstitious and actually had a tortoise figurine in her room because it symbolizes good fortune and longevity. This is also the reason why the tortoise is found on the lucky charm bag 🙂 Chanel puts a lot of history into their items therefore nothing is ever random or by chance

    1. stylecloseup Post author

      You are so right Chanel always references history in its collection sometimes obvious, sometimes less obvious and only visible for the very expert. Exactly this mix of historical references and the contemporary sometimes even avantgarde design vision of Karl Lagerfeld is what I really love about Chanel 🙂

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