Blending in with the flowers

OK I don’t need to tell you that I am kind of an obsessed Chanellista. I love collecting Chanel brooches, bags and shoes but above everything I love the Chanel jackets. For me they are the epitome of sartorial perfection. Whenever I go on a trip the first thing I pack is a Chanel jacket. Afterwards I arrange the rest of the travel wardrobe around that piece.

Although I am usually not too much into colour this pink beauty from the supermarket collection is one of my absolute spring staples. Such a fun fact that an actual fall pieces turned into my spring staple.

2 thoughts on “Blending in with the flowers

  1. HsinWei Ho

    The photos are amazing 💖 the red! Big love! And I noticed you don’t have ‘like the post’, ‘like’ button here.. Or maybe I didn’t see it… You know I am very new in all these blog things 😛

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