Dior Split love …

Dior Split glasses in Palais Royal

The next new category is called ‘Must Haves’. And I really can’t imagine a better piece to kick it off than Dior Split shades.

But first things first. Let me explain the idea behind this category to you. We all know it brand ‘x’ launches a new fashionable accessory. A little later there is a lot of buzz and than all of a sudden you spot it on your colleague, your neighbour and on it goes … For many years I used to jump on that boat and go with the flow. But to be honest a lot of those products somehow did not work for me. As a matter of fact my ‘Must Haves’ section isn’t supposed to be about each and every ‘It piece’. I intend it much more to showcase all those products that I couldn’t imagine to live without. Some might be off the moment ‘It pieces’ others true classics.

unboxing my Dior Split

But now I’ve done enough introductory talk. Let’s start with my Dior Split story. I got mine about a month ago shortly after I came back home from Mykonos. Trying them on I immediately liked how the face elongating effect of the frame is counterbalanced by the horizontal splitting of the lens. Than I jumped into the car to run some errands … still wearing my Dior Split. Turned out to be a bad idea as 2/3 of the visual field are blocked by metal. The upper and lower third of the split are actually not translucent. Not too practical at all. Wearing them on the golf course the diminished vision turned out to be a problem again. Anyway style over function for me they are pretty and perfectly suitable to be worn for a casual city stroll. Guess I’ll totally love to wear them at the beach in St Trop in August too. Anyone any experiences with Dior Split shades? Whats your opinion?

XOXO Andrea