In love with Eres swimwear

Eres swimwear

As you might have seen on my Instagram and Snapchat we are in Berlin this week. And guys what to say its freaking hot here. Everyone around me seems to go on vacation within the next  few weeks. So I really feel its high time to talk a little about swimwear. I had always sticked to two piece swimsuit never ever would I’ve dreamed of falling in love with a one-piece. However, with the beginning of summer 2016 season I couldn’t help seeing white one piece swimsuit all over the internet. As it is so often the case I hated them initially. Well, don’t they loose their bright white color due to contact with sunscreen and salt or pool water. Aren’t they see through when you come out of the water? And above all don’t they make you look fat?

Eres swimwear

Eres swimsuit

That said somehow I couldn’t get rid of the idea of getting a white swimsuit. And than all of a sudden it happened. A friend send me a photo she had found on the internet. It showed Kylie Jenner laying by the pool in a beautiful while swimsuit with even more beautiful blue and red stripes at the side. I was absolutely sure that this is my must have piece. Thats the one that I want! As its so often the case it was by Chanel. Immediately I started contacting several Chanel stores. Without any success. I failed to secure it. But having failed doesn’t mean giving up! Now I was even more eager to find a white swimsuit that suited me. So I turned to my all time favourite for classy and timeless swimwear. My beloved Eres swimwear. And what to say I really found one that I liked and that I took with me to Mykonos. So what’s your opinion about the ‘white swimsuit trend’? Did you go for it or do you plan to skip it?

XOXO Andrea

Fav white swimsuits at the moment:

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