Late summer strolls along the Seine…

Finally a new post … OMG why does it always take me such a long time to prepare a proper post? Anyway here we go. We are currently in Paris and lucky enough to enjoy some late summer evenings. And is there anything better than a stroll along the Seine banks while soaking up the afternoon sun? Probably not – not even when the thin soles of your Miu Miu ballerinas are almost killing you …

We usually start our afternoon Seine strolls in the area  around Pont Neuf and walk towards Île Saint-Louis. Its really easy to get lost in the romantic streets on that island and there are way too many cute stores as well as the headquarters of my fav Parisian glacier Berthillon.

Gelato in the hand and some delicious calissons and Pâte de Fruit in the shopping bag we left the island for the Quartier Latin area. Here the banks of the Seine are particularly beautiful and astonishingly quiet.

Whenever we go for a stroll in that region there is always a couple, these days mostly Asian, doing a wedding shooting here. It always makes me remember that once upon a time we were the couple standing there for our very own wedding pics. Oh how that makes me dream … By the way for me the back of Notre Dame with the Seine right in front has something quintessentially Parisian without beeing kitschy or touristy. I almost prefer the back over the front …

As I was wearing my white dress which I received from Revolve clothing the very moment we came back home from vacation … well who needs a summer dress after summer vacation … we decided against our obligatory picnic underneath that Oh so romantic willow tree on Île de la Cité and headed for the terrace at Shakespeare and Company. And of course its always a pleasure to browse for some of their vintage or brand new English language books after an early dinner.

Ah and just in case that you are wondering wether I wear that kind of look often for a stroll along the Seine … hmmm no … its been the first time that I’ve worn it. And I can only tell you don’t do that – thin soled Miu Miu shoes are not the kind of shoes that should be worn on cobble stones … anyway I wanted to take some pretty pics for you. Hope you’ll like them, than it was worth it.

Xoxo Andrea

By the way here is a short selection of all my fav lace up ballerinas. I particularly love the velvet versions and the Fur lined style. So perfect for the transitional season.

4 thoughts on “Late summer strolls along the Seine…

  1. Hsinwei Ho

    This dress is so pretty! And the river side of Paris 😍 I miss it so much! For the ballerinas, my favourite is the fur line!! Super love them 💗💖 I need to write some new posts too 😜

    1. stylecloseup Post author

      Oh yes the fur lined ones are to die for… and please please please write a post about the look you wore at Hampton Court 🙂 Have a happy week my dearest.

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