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So what are fashion #MustHaves ? For me these are the pieces worth to invest in. The pieces that instantly transform a dull look into a fashionable style. In this section I’m going to discuss my #MustHaves . So be prepared to find lots of posts about shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewellery here…

Fun Fur – Fendi Bag Bugs

Oh how much I love these little witty creatures! Did you know that its already 2 years ago that Karl Lagerfeld created these cute monster fur balls called Fendi Bag Bugs for the first time? I liked them immediately. They reminded me of my childhood when I loved to pick a plush toy charm from Nici, a German brand that is very popular for doing a lot of incredibly cute plush toys, to attach it to my school backpack as a lucky charm. When it started to get torn by carrying it around I put it inside the backpack, but it stayed. In many ways the Fendi Bag Bugs represented a deluxe version of that lucky charm for me.  So the idea is great isn’t it! It catches our attention with those childhood memories and puts them in the context of our grown up world! But was it enough to make Fendi bag bugs last?

Fendi Bag Bugs 2013

The idea of the Fendi Bag Bugs was born in March 2013, picture

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Adidas Superstar, Nike & Co – sneaker trends in 2015

2014 surely was the year of the sneakers. They emerged from streetwear and entered high fashion. When we forget the ultra expensive take on the trend from brands like Chanel and Dior the question to answer is Adidas or Nike?

Nike Free

Nike Free running shoes worn during fashion month in February 2014, picture

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Are Chanel sneakers still trending in 2015???

Last week Couture collections were presented in Paris so its high time to have a look at the street style and track some IT products. Yesterday, I wrote about Dior’s embroidered swim shoes, the Dior fusion sneakers, which had been initially presented a year ago on the couture runway. Today Dior has 11 different models of these shoes in stores and they still seem to be a hot topic. But do you remember that there was another high fashion brand jumping into the sneaker business at the same time?

Chanel sneakers 2015

Chanel sneakers, cruise 2015 makeover worn during Paris Couture week, picture

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Dior fusion sneakers 2015 ?!

Once upon a time, to be precise one year ago, Couture drew heavy inspirations from street wear’s favourite item – the sneakers! There were lace trainers at Chanel looking pretty (just to bring the shoe back in mind click here) and embroidered swim shoes at Dior looking weird (if you want to see the shoe click here). A few month later Dior announced that the embroidered swim shoes will become available as a ready to wear item, which can be purchased in store. Plenty of people wore the shoes while attending the Couture presentations in July 2014 and when you were strolling along the streets in fashion capitals like Paris you started to see them occasionally on the feet of young fashionistas. That said for me it was crystal clear that the Dior Fusion sneakers are a short lived IT piece. However, fashion is made to surprise us and make us wonder – “Dior fusion sneakers 2015” is a topic to deal with.

dior fusion sneakers 2015

Blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Dior fusion sneakers with embroidered lamb skin flowers in black while attending the Couture presentations in Paris in Jan 2015, picture

  • Dior fusion sneakers 2015 version with embroidered lamb skin flowers,

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Chanel spring 2015 bags – Time to get inspired!

It feels like next week is going to be a tough and busy one for all Chanel addicts! First Chanel Couture spring 2015 will be presented at the Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and second the Chanel spring 2015 bags (the act I) will hit stores in Europe (launch date is said to be Jan 27th)! And as usual there are some real beauties among the Chanel spring 2015 bag … let’s get inspired!

Chanel spring 2015 bags

Chanel spring 2015 bags “Burgundy Rocks” series in red and beige shiny lamb skin, pictures

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The coolest mini tote bags 2015

Since quite some seasons designers provide us with mini versions of our favourite “not so small purse styles”, like tote or satchel. Consequently, the mini bag has evolved as a major competitor to classic small bags like flap bag or clutch. The mini tote shape is by far my favourite among the new generation of shrunken bags. So what are the coolest mini tote bags 2015?

mini tote bags

Prada Saffiano mini lux tote, pic

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Saint Laurent Sac de Jour – The petite version

Since 2010 a really huge number of designers started to shrink the totes, satchels and bowlers … in oder to adjust all our favorite big bags for occasions where we do not want to carry a lot of stuff with us. Let’s have a closer look at the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano today!Saint Laurent mini bag

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The little sister of the Prada Saffiano Promenade Bag

Since a few years one of the major trends in the field of handbags seems to be shrinking totes, bowlers and the likes in order to adjust them for all those occasions where we do not need to carry a lot of stuff around! After having a look at the Celine nano luggage tote yesterday lets track the style history of the mini version of the Prada Saffiano Promenade Bag!

Prada Saffiano Promenade bag

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing a Prada Saffiano mini Promenande bag during fashion week in September 2014, picture

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Celine nano luggage tote – still a good choice?

Last week I was amazed to read one of the best articles I had seen in the US Vogue since quite some time. The topic was #itbag2015 (check out the full article “It bag hall of fame: A history of the most coveted accessories”). Here the author shows honestly how the industry made use of the fact that bags are the accessories that are closest to a womans heart thus turning fashion industry into an almost only bag business. Yes there are the several decade old icons, like Kelly, Birkin, LV Speedy or Chanel flap but thats not where it stops. Even after 2000 new It bags evolved – one of them the Celine nano luggage tote. Let’s track the development of the Celine nano luggage tote a little bit to find out more about the bag!

Celine luggage tote

Celine nano luggage tote worn by Taylor Tomasi Hill, picture

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Stella McCartney flatforms – A true streetstyle wonder!

Stella McCartney flatforms with their huge wooden and serrated rubber sole were first introduced for fall 2014, mainly as a limited edition. These days they can be seen as potential candidate to turn from one season wonder into a more lasting icon. However, for most average people they might seem hard to wear upon first sight! So lets collect some inspirations on how to wear Stella McCartney flatforms in style!

Stella McCartney flatforms

Blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Stella McCartney flatforms during fashion month September 2014, picture

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