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Its the first day of fall ūüćāūüćĀūüćÉ

Good evening my beloved readers,
today is the first day of fall and I’m finally getting into the mood for the new season. For me fall is usually all about cosy layers. And yesterdays look was really all about layers. I started with a cashmere slip dress, which I got many many years ago from my fav basics brand The Row at the NAP sale. To add a little texture I added a crochet dress and finished the look with a navy blue trench coat from Alshair Brooklyn. Continue reading

Chanel pocket jackets from the Seoul collection

Talking “must haves” and “It pieces” these days its usually all about the bags, shoes, sunglasses and costume jewelry. Rarely the talk is about clothing! However,¬†for Chanel I personally have the strong feeling that this is absolutely not where it ends. After all Chanel¬†was founded as¬†a Couture house instead of a leather goods business. So let’s have a look at the Chanel pocket jackets from the cruise Seoul runway today!

chanel pocket jackets

Siwon Choi is wearing a Chanel pocket jacket from cruise 2014 Singapore while attending the brands cruise 2016 presentation in Seoul, picture found on

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Chanel chain necklace – Greetings from Seoul!

Thinking Chanel costume its only logical to imagine pearls. But since quite some seasons another signature style seems to compete with the pearl based designs on the Chanel runways. Its chain necklaces, bracelets and belts. Curious to see how Karl Lagerfeld reinvented the Chanel chain necklace style for his latest cruise collection staged in the South Korean capital of Seoul?

Chanel Seoul necklaces

I recently came across this beautiful picture of Lily Collins in the US version of Glamour. The Chanel chain link choker from the spring 2015 collection looks really glamorous on her, picture found on

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Skate shoes trend – safe or splurge?

No matter whether its the it piece of the season or a timeless classic, fashion wise we are living in a time of choices. We can shop for look alike items in almost all price ranges. Which makes me come back to the skate shoes trend for a third time in a line. This time to talk about more affordable alternatives to the Celine, Givenchy and Saint Laurent styles!

skate shoe trend

VANS slip ons checkboard print and pre used sole, picture found on

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Beyond Dior earrings tribal style …

Dior tribal earrings may have caused mass hysteria in 2014. But with an increasing number of people wearing either the real style or a knockoff, the difference is often hard to see, will their coolness factor fade into a distance memory?

Dior earrings tribal style

Anna dello Russo at Gucci fall 2015 womans wear presentation in Milan wearing Sophie Bille Brahe earrings, picture

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Dior tribale earrings available online but still trending…

I am sure that almost everyone knows the iconic double pearl earrings – big pearl behind and small pearl on the earlobe! A lot of brands offer that style at the moment. And yes its innovative and classic at the same time. It puts the pearl stud we all love for its beautiful surface and its power to illuminate our teint in a new and modern context. But above all it removed the not so nice looking back closure that has always been an integral feature of stud earrings while making them as pretty from the back as from the front. But do you know how the idea for this style was born?

Dior tribale earrings

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing Dior tribale earrings while attending a Miu Miu party during NYFW in February 2015, picture

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Some Carine Roitfeld street style inspirations from Couture week in January

Tomorrow fashion month, the 4 week marathon of fashion shows kicks off in NYC and fashion folks from all around the world have a journey from NYC to London to Milan and finally Paris ahead of them. They will see the woman’s collections for fall 2015 on the runways and have to look stylish in a mix of fall 2014¬†as well as¬†cruise and spring 2015 items to create the parallel runway, which is known as street style. Sounds like a job to envy people? Well for me it sounds both great but also incredibly hard. Whenever we are traveling I either end up wearing the same boring looks all the time¬†or having to pay a huge amount of money for overweight. However, during the most recent couture week in Paris Harpers Bazaar’s Global fashion Director Carine Roitfeld provided a perfect example of how the ideal¬†travel packing might look like. Lets get inspired by¬†Carine Roitfeld street style from Couture week!

Carine Roitfeld streetstyle

First day of January 2015 Couture week and Carine Roitfeld wears a polarising look. She combines an incredibly elegant black fur coat with a pair of kawai cute screw heeled rain boots from MiuMiu, picture

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Emmanuelle Alt style 2015 – A lesson on wearing flared pants

Well, you might have recognised that Emmanuelle Alt, the editor in chief of French Vogue, is one of my favourite style icons. Her style is so simple and minimalist and boheme! She always manages to capture the attention of street style photographers without dressing in the latest IT Pieces from the runways! She simply has the wardrobe every woman is longing for! So OK last week spring Couture was presented in Paris and consequently its high time to get inspired by the Emmanuelle Alt style 2015!

Emmanuelle Alt style 2015

Emmanuelle Alt at Atelier Versace spring 2015 wearing a white fur coat, pic

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Are aviator frame glasses a good choice?

Woman wearing glasses¬†in a fashion context still is a rarely touched topic. In men its not that bad when they wear signature glasses, but for woman one of the safest advices seems¬†to be preferring contact lens for most occasions. Anyway, I guess that there are more than a lot woman like me, who do not really have a love affair with contact lens or at least really don’t want to wear them permanently. So besides the discussion of trends in the field of bags and shoes and … I feel its high time to start a discussion about trends in the field of glasses!

Jenna Lyons glasses

Jenna Lyons wearing Moscot Terry aviator frame glasses, picture

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Do we need a selfie stick in 2015?

So finally back at work. Let‚Äôs start the blog in its new style. As you might have noticed the most integral discussion on the blog will be the one about fashion icons, featuring all the aspects from how fashion icons emerge, change our lives and get copied to¬†how they stay or fade away.¬†As I consider 2015 to be a year in which one of the major discussions will be tech I want to dedicate my first post of the year to the ‚Äěselfie stick‚Äú, you know the extendable rope, which holds your handy while taking a selfie or other picture with your mobile phone?

selfie stick in 2015

Elizabeth von Guttman and Alexia Niedzielski attending Dior pre-fall 2015 presentation in Tokyo in December 2014. (picture credentials:

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