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Céline is another French heritage brand, which started selling ready to wear back in 1969. Its now owned by the LVMH empire and designed by Phoebe Philo. The label makes incredible bags, among them my absolute favorite tote the ” Phantom”. Besides bags I also love their ready to wear with its minimalist sportswear approach its absolutely perfect.

Late summer strolls along the Seine…

Finally a new post … OMG why does it always take me such a long time to prepare a proper post? Anyway here we go. We are currently in Paris and lucky enough to enjoy some late summer evenings. And is there anything better than a stroll along the Seine banks while soaking up the afternoon sun? Probably not – not even when the thin soles of your Miu Miu ballerinas are almost killing you … Continue reading

Time again for my Mondrian Céline skirt

One of my fav Céline collections of all times has always been the spring 2014 collection. And I am more than proud that I managed to secure the pleated skirt with asymmetric hem and colourful print, which always reminds me of Mondrian or Miro paintings.

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Chanel flap bag price 2015 – No alternative for a real icon!

Last Tuesday WWD reported that Chanel is about to increase prices for Chanel 2.55 flap bags, Boy bag and 11.12 bag by 20% in the European Union come April 8th while dropping them in China immediately.

Beeing a loyal fan of the brand for so many years I felt devastated. How the hell could they do something like that to all their European customers? Many of my friend had the same feelings and felt certainly a little betrayed. Having a more detailed look on the matter and discussing things with my husband I soon started discovering that there hasn’t been a real chance for Chanel! The Euro has dropped against the Dollar as much as 11% within recent times. Chanel and many other European luxury products have always been between 30 and 60% more expensive in China than in Europe. With the drop of the Euro the price difference has increased further. As a matter of fact the black market trade, which means people buying bags in Europe and reselling them in China has exploded. Of course not all of them traded with the real thing. Consequently, a huge mistrust against Chanel products had emerged in China, thus undermining the brand image on a global scale.

So Chanel might not have betrayed its European customers while trying to protect the brand image on a global scale, but certainly the price increase stimulates us Europeans to look around and search a little deeper to find options! In a previous post I already told you about the Boy bag, which is only 4 years old – so not a real heritage thing, and tried to show you some alternatives. Lets talk Chanel 2.55 this time!

Chanel flap bag

This is likely to be one of my favorite fashion pictures as it combines my top style icon Emmanuelle Alt and my top handbag the Chanel 2.55 flap, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/emmanuelle-capucine-geraldine-co/

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The coolest mini tote bags 2015

Since quite some seasons designers provide us with mini versions of our favourite “not so small purse styles”, like tote or satchel. Consequently, the mini bag has evolved as a major competitor to classic small bags like flap bag or clutch. The mini tote shape is by far my favourite among the new generation of shrunken bags. So what are the coolest mini tote bags 2015?

mini tote bags

Prada Saffiano mini lux tote, pic prada.com

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Celine nano luggage tote – still a good choice?

Last week I was amazed to read one of the best articles I had seen in the US Vogue since quite some time. The topic was #itbag2015 (check out the full article “It bag hall of fame: A history of the most coveted accessories”). Here the author shows honestly how the industry made use of the fact that bags are the accessories that are closest to a womans heart thus turning fashion industry into an almost only bag business. Yes there are the several decade old icons, like Kelly, Birkin, LV Speedy or Chanel flap but thats not where it stops. Even after 2000 new It bags evolved – one of them the Celine nano luggage tote. Let’s track the development of the Celine nano luggage tote a little bit to find out more about the bag!

Celine luggage tote

Celine nano luggage tote worn by Taylor Tomasi Hill, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/handbags/

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Trending for fall 2014 – oversized coats!

Long coats are definitely one of the major trends for fall 2014. Besides that oversizing is another big trend when it comes to coats. Lets gather some runway pics of the best oversized coats of the season!

oversized coats

The pretty coats on the runway at Isabel Marant, photo@style.com

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Top 10 Summer essentials – Lets finally sum up!

By now we finished our list of top 10 summer essential, which included: 1) straw hats, 2) sunglasses, 3) sleeveless shirts, 4) denim shorts, 5) flat sandals (so sad I missed the black purple Celine crisscross sandals this season – but good news the SA at Celine at Printemps Paris told me that there will be new colors for resort 2015 arriving in store in December!!!), 6) pearl jewelry, 7) the no logo beach tote, 8) Céline skirts, 9) summer pants and 10) espadrilles. Accompanied by two bikinis – one plain and the other one patterned (makes 4 different looks!!!) – some pretty dresses and off the moment evening wear your suitcase is ready to join you during your vacation at some of the hippest beaches in the world!

Celine crisscross sandals

Celine crisscross sandals or classic Tropéziennes here are the top 10 pieces to pack for your summer vacation!

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Top 10 summer essentials – Apiece Apart pants & Co.

We are reaching the end of our summer essentials list! After analyzing straw hats, sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, shorts, flat sandals, double pearl earrings, the no logo beach tote and the Celine skirt its now time for essential number 9 – the airy summer pants! So where to get the best styles and how to wear them?

New York

Celine resort 2014 (photo@style.com), Apiece Apart (photo@apieceapart.com), Equipment (photo@equipmentfr.com)

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Top 10 summer essentials – Celine skirts

I rarely fix a particular wardrobe staple to a certain brand but when it comes to summer essential number 8 – the airy midi-skirt – there is only one brand I can recommend. Its the Celine skirt with the concave hemline. So here comes some inspiration of how to wear your Celine skirt this summer!

Phoebe Philo

fabulous, concave hemmed skirts from the Celine spring 2014 runway show, photos@style.com

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One week of couture – One week of Carine Roitfeld style inspirations!

In line with a general fashion trend towards minimalism and effortless styling I somehow feel that “French style” is quite trending at the moment. Besides Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of French Vogue, I feel that Carine Roitfeld, global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar, is one of the standout woman, that represent that style. Let’s draw some inspirations from her outfits from couture presentations last week!

Day 1 – Carine Roitfeld style

For the presentations on Monday Carine Roitfeld went for a simple safari style shirt dress and combined it with some leaf printed knee high boots.


For day one of the couture presentations Carine Roitfeld combined a safari shirt dress, which seems to be Celine spring 2014 and a pair of leaf printed boots, very likely to be Hermes, photo Anna Klam Facebook, celine.com, style.com

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