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The Chanel jacket is a really timeless classic. Drawing inspiration from a lift boys uniform in a hotel in Salzburg Coco Chanel introduced the style in 1954. Until today it is one of the basic features of each and every Chanel collection!

Blending in with the flowers

OK I don’t need to tell you that I am kind of an obsessed Chanellista. I love collecting Chanel brooches, bags and shoes but above everything I love the Chanel jackets. For me they are the epitome of sartorial perfection. Whenever I go on a trip the first thing I pack is a Chanel jacket. Afterwards I arrange the rest of the travel wardrobe around that piece.

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Chanel pocket jackets from the Seoul collection

Talking “must haves” and “It pieces” these days its usually all about the bags, shoes, sunglasses and costume jewelry. Rarely the talk is about clothing! However, for Chanel I personally have the strong feeling that this is absolutely not where it ends. After all Chanel was founded as a Couture house instead of a leather goods business. So let’s have a look at the Chanel pocket jackets from the cruise Seoul runway today!

chanel pocket jackets

Siwon Choi is wearing a Chanel pocket jacket from cruise 2014 Singapore while attending the brands cruise 2016 presentation in Seoul, picture found on https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/chanel-obsession/

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A sparkling Chanel cruise jacket for Christmas Eve …

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve! According to CNN only 30% of Americans participating in a survey said that they are going on a leisure trip over the holidays. The vast majority dedicates the holiday season to visiting family and friends or simply staying at home! Anyway I still feel that Christmas Eve is the perfect time to dress up!

black-and -white keffiyeh tweed and sequined Chanel cruise jacket

Black-and -white keffiyeh tweed and sequined Chanel cruise jacket worn by Poppy Delevingne (pic dailymail.co.uk) and Gigi Hadid (pic zimbio.com)

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Chanel jackets 2015 – Salzburg style …

Its a week ago that the latest Chanel Métiers d’Art collection, a kind of pre-fall show honoring the brands incredible craftsmen ateliers, has been presented in Salzburg. For all, who haven’t seen the show video yet I highly recommend to do so here. I already provided some informations on the handbags, shoes and jewelry that is going to arrive in June 2015. Now lets continue with the jackets!

chanel jackets 2015

Ranging from simple to elaborate the Chanel Salzburg runway was full of great classic jackets, pic style.com

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Chanel cruise 2015 jackets aren’t they amazing?

Chanel cruise 2015 has officially arrived in stores. I already provided an insight into cruise bags, shoes and jewellery so lets continue with the jackets today. Chanel jackets are very much of a heritage thing of the brand. The iconic boxy, collarless pocket jacket shape was first introduced in 1954 by Coco Chanel and is popular until today! So is there a potential icon within the collection?

Chanel cruise 2015 jackets

Poppy Delevingne wearing black and white glitter tweed jacket from cruise 2015 while attending an event during London fashion week, pic http://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/chanel-obsession/

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Let’s have a look at the Chanel jackets for 2015?

Last week Chanel’s spring summer 2015 ready to wear was presented at the Grand Palais in Paris! For all, who didn’t watch the show video its online here. And as it is often the case with a Chanel show, just think the pregnant Ashleigh Good as a bride at the end of Chanel Couture fall 2014 or the two female brides at couture spring 2013, the faux feminist demonstration that was chosen as a show theme induces a rush of social media discussion that somehow seems to shift the focus away from the fashion that was presented. Let’s do it the other way round! Let’s leave the discussion about sense or nonsense of the show theme to other people and focus on the fashion! What can we expect regarding Chanel jackets for 2015?

Chanel jackets for 2015

… the classic Chanel pocket jacket brigade, pics style.com

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Chanel shopping center – re-review of the jackets ….

Oh, I really can’t wait until “Boulevard Chanel”, the spring 2015 ready to wear show, hits the Grand Palais in Paris – so excited! But let’s make the time a little shorter and continue to talk about the “Chanel shopping center”, the fall 2014 collection, that hit store first week of September while we were in Paris. I already told you about my top jackets from the show – but after seeing the complexity of the cuts and textures and details face to face things can change a lot…

chanel shopping center

windows of Chanel 382 Saint Honoré decorated according to the “Coco coach” campaign

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Have you already had a look at the Chanel grocery store jackets?

It took me until today to realize that I already analyzed the Chanel grocery store bags, jewelry and knitwear but totally forgot about the jackets. And whats a Chanel show without jackets right? So lets hurry and analyze them a little closer together! What looked easy to wear, versatile and timeless as well as of lasting or even increasing value?

Chanel grocery store jackets

Besides the LV debut collection of Nicolas Ghesquière the Chanel grocery collection seemed to be one of the most editorial collections this fall. In particular the candy pink skirt suit made it on the cover of Harpers Bazaar US, into Vogue Paris August issue and on the cover of the Fashions Night Out September supplement as well as into the Elle US Kristen Stewart shooting just to name a few, pic come from pinterest

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Chanel Private view …

The Chanel Private view film starring the new fall winter 2014 pre-collection lensed by Karl Lagerfeld has been released and the pieces hit the stores within the upcoming weeks. Chanel Private view deals with a late night store visit of a very important client, played by Chanel creative consultant Amanda Harlech at 31 rue Cambon. Upon arrival à la parisienne at the back of a motor scooter driven by Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard and personal assistant Sebastien Jondeau, Lady Amanda Harlech, who is wearing a tailored double breasted Chanel Paris Dallas jacket, is first mistaken by the store directrice played by Jamie Bochert as an ordinary gazer. Consequently access to the closed boutique is denied. Upon removal of her Ruby helmet things change and she is guided up the mirror staircase where the collection is presented to her at a private room. And of course things come as they have to … she is so fascinated by the new fall winter pre-collection that she takes it completely … So the video is fun and pokes just a tiny bit at the sometimes omnipresent arrogance in the high end retail environment – What about the collection?

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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The Chanel art gallery show – What to get on sale?

I know I know I am super late to write on that issue, but I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of the Paris Dallas collection that I totally forgot to provide you with some inspirations on what to hunt down from the Chanel summer 2014 sale. Here they come:

When it comes to Chanel sale the first thought that crosses my mind is “jackets”. While some classic, boxy tweed jackets were present in the collection the main focus seemed to have shifted away towards a more mens suit jacket style look.

Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel art gallery show contained more men’s style jackets, photo@style.com

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