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Colette the hyper cool concept store in the French capital is a spot I always visit when I am in Paris. Mainly not for buying something but more for collecting inspirations. Besides their great selection of tech stuff, street wear, jewelry, clothing and beauty products they have a small gallery space with changing exhibitions. The Colette water bar, their ground floor restaurant, is always great for lunch. The food is tasty, the staff fast and uncomplicated and its incredible for people watching.

Do we need a selfie stick in 2015?

So finally back at work. Let’s start the blog in its new style. As you might have noticed the most integral discussion on the blog will be the one about fashion icons, featuring all the aspects from how fashion icons emerge, change our lives and get copied to how they stay or fade away. As I consider 2015 to be a year in which one of the major discussions will be tech I want to dedicate my first post of the year to the „selfie stick“, you know the extendable rope, which holds your handy while taking a selfie or other picture with your mobile phone?

selfie stick in 2015

Elizabeth von Guttman and Alexia Niedzielski attending Dior pre-fall 2015 presentation in Tokyo in December 2014. (picture credentials: http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashion-shows/pre-fall-2015/christian-dior/front-row/4)

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Boulevard Chanel polarizes …

I was wrong! 🙂 Boulevard Chanel did neither deal with shopping as back in spring 2009 or fall 2014 nor with brand expansion like for fall 2013! The topic was street riots and political protest. Referencing the fab coffee table book “French Style” demonstrations are a very integral parts of French culture. Using riots as a fashion show theme surely polarizes, particularly when the creative mind behind the spectacle is someone like Karl Lagerfeld, who is known to say that “Fashion is not an art form!” So lets leave it to fashion critics to argue whether the show touched a very recent topics like gender equality, considering the “he for she” campaign, or even reached beyond that towards raising awareness for the current fight for democracy in Hong Kong or was just a stage theatre performance! Let’s take our perspective – the perspective of the customer, who wants to buy pieces that give pleasure to oneself and might eventually hold or increase value and may be even inherited someday!

Boulevard Chanel

The scene at Chanel spring 2015 today, pic independent.co.uk

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Hunting for Maison Michel Virginie …

Hats are definitely a big topic this upcoming fall. I somehow feel that the whole thing started with Emmanuelle Alt fighting the NYC cold with a black Maison Michel Virginie fedora back in February 2013 (… or thats at least where the whole hat theme started for me!).

Emmanuelle Alt Maison Michel Virginie

Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris wearing Maison Michel Virginie fedora in black, photos@http://aloveisblind.com, http://coffeestainedcashmere.tumblr.com

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Greg Lauren military jacket

One of the key elements of Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt s chic minimalist wardrobe seem to be military style jackets. During fashion week back in February she combined an oversized style jacket with white pants and for couture week she showed up in another khaki colored jacket, which she mixed effortlessly with a pair of blue distressed, cuffed jeans. I know at the moment its quiet hot and maybe not the right time to think about shopping for khaki jackets. But as always its best to plan ahead before the best styles have already sold out. So which brands to turn to when it comes to shopping for khaki jackets?

Emmanuelle Alt jacket

Emmanuelle Alt wearing military style jackets during fashion week and couture week in Paris, photos@ eel.com, wwd.com

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Maison Michel Henrietta, Virginie & Co.

Hats are an accessory that many many people fear to incorporate into their wardrobe! Even on a hot summer day in the city many people skip the hat and favor to get a sunstroke or to make a last minute tourist purchase of things as ugly as a “sunbrella” (Good god I couldn’t stop laughing when a street vendor offered sun hats in the shape of an umbrella fixed to the hat, while we were queuing at the statue of liberty ferry in NYC!!!). Same goes for a moderately rainy day – where an ugly umbrella is often favored over a nice hat! And the same goes for cold winter days where freezing is preferred over a stylish hat! With Emmanuelle Alt showing up in a black Maison Michel Virginie fedora hat during a chilly NYC fashion week in February 2013 and the opening of the Maison Michel pop up store at 19 rue Cambon Paris at the end of last year everything seemed to change (… or at least that’s what I felt)!

Cara Delevingne

Adèle Exarchopoulos (photo @wwd.com) and Cara Delevingne (photo@ elizabethswardrobe.tumblr.com) wearing the Maison Michel Henrietta hat in some fun colors. The black version with a contrasting cobalt lining is available at Montaigne Market Paris!

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The Business of Fashion (BoF) Interesting stuff to read…!

Not really a sunday afternoon magazine to get inspired but a really interesting newspaper magazine hybrid to read! The Business of Fashion (BoF), which is something between a newspaper and a magazine, was the second purchase I spotted while queueing at the Colette cash desk. The Business of Fashion (BoF) special print issue and webpage deal with news from the fashion industry in a way that is a little similar to WWD. However, all articles on BoF seem to be completely free of charge and I somehow also feel that BoF is meant to give even a deeper insight into the company core structure than WWD!!! At whom is the journal targeted!

Victoria Beckham

The Business of Fashion (BoF) special print edition provides an insight into different fashion companies like Victoria Beckham or Vogue China, photo from businessoffashion.com

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Charlotte Gainsbourg capsule collection – The oversized sweaters!

I guess one of the most integral elements of “French style” is a big and cosy sweater. The recent Charlotte Gainsbourg collection, which was launched at the Parisian concept store Colette last week and is going to be available worldwide at the end of July, includes some beautiful big sweaters. Here are 3 ways to style the fabulous black and navy bicolor sweater from the recent Charlotte Gainsbourg capsule collection!

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Current Elliott – Expand your wardrobe with the addition of some French basics this fall!

French style – Its so effortless, so simple, so classic and timeless, yet sexy and sophisticated! Its trending!!! To make this style more accessible for shoppers all time French style icon Inès de la Fressange launched a line for highstreet retailer Uniqlo earlier this year (Inès de la Fressange x Uniqlo). For fall all French style addicts can look forward to Charlotte Gainsbourg Current Elliott, season one of a collaboration that is scheduled to last for 4 seasons.

Emmanuelle Alt

charlotte gainsbourg current elliott kick off event at the Parisian concept store Colette, photo@http://www.charlottegainsbourgforever.com/charlotte-gainsbourg-for-current-elliott/

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Chanel again …! A look inside the Chanel art book.

I know its a little bit too much Chanel on the blog at the moment… But there is really a lot Chanel thats worth to be discussed right now. One of those things is the Chanel Art book, a photo book published by the German photo publisher Steidl depicting the Karl Lagerfeld created artworks that decorated the Grand Palais for the brands spring summer 2014 presentation.

Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel art book published by Steidl and bought at Colette, Paris

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5 great ellipse earrings for spring 2014

Seems that everyone is doing ellipse earrings at the moment! Maybe Delfina Delettrez started the trend with her surrealist lip, eye, bee pieces. Although their long sleek shape is really beautiful and particularly flatters a round face, the funny decorative elements never really matched my taste. As a matter of fact I was more than happy when I recently saw a simple double pearl version in the online store (Delfina Delettrez double pearl ellipse earrings, 395 EURO, http://www.delfinadelettrez.it). They are not only great to be worn alone, but also a fabulous paring with a variety of other earrings.

Dior tribal earrings

Delfina Delettrez ellipse earrings with double pearl design are particularly flattering for round faces and can be worn mismatch with many other earring styles. photo@http://www.delfinadelettrez.it

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