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Contemporary and historical art, fashion, interior, nature … I love visiting all sorts of exhibitions. In this category I share the things that inspired me the most during my visits …

Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou …

After the Whitney in New York a Jeff Koons retrospective has hit the Centre Pompidou and we came to see it while in Paris last week. So that’s the most unemotional and boring sentence I have ever started a post with. But somehow it describes my initial feelings towards his art very well. Jeff Koons – “The king of kitsch”, how Forbes calls him, goes for the obvious and plays it bold – bright colors, children’s toys and sex! As a matter of fact his works do not seem to blend well with my minimalist, discreet aesthetics that are mostly defined in black and white as well as nature inspired neutrals. So what made us go there? Did we got caught up within the heavy advertisement?

Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou

Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou – The Retrospective, after the Whitney in NYC the show arrived in Paris, pic taken by CKM

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Gartenkinder at Frieze London 2014

So we are back from almost one week London art trip and there is really so much to talk about. Let’s start with one of my first impressions from Frieze Artfair London. For all, who haven’t yet visited an art fair here comes a short explanation: Art fairs are actually supposed to be trade shows, where private collectors can purchase pieces. However, according to New York Times about 80 percent of Frieze visitors are just spectators. The idea of art fairs isn’t new! It originated in the 20ies in Germany and constantly grew in line with the growth of the global art market, particularly in the major art buying countries, USA, China and UK. The biggest art fair in the world is Art Basel, which is hosted at 3 different locations Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Frieze, which originated in the UK in October 2003, is the second biggest fair…

frieze london 2014

Carsten Holler’s installation “Gartenkinder” at Gagosian Gallery booth at Frieze London. pic http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/en_uk/blog/carsten-hller-giant-playground-frieze-london

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Charles James beyond fashion

For such a long time I had watched MET gala live streams, bought the accompanying exhibition catalogs and had longed for visiting the Costume Institute at the MET to see one of the much acclaimed exhibition live. Knowing that I am going to be in NYC during the time of the MET fashion exhibition and hearing that the 2014 summer show is going to be about Charles James, a designer I had never heard about, was a little disappointing for me at first. Sure I had hoped for something, like Prada and Schiaparelli, Punk or McQueen. Despite of the first disappointment I started to gather some information on the designer and realized that he is a quite interesting person with a design approach not so different from Azzedine Alaia. As a consequence I forced my husband to visit “Charles James beyond fashion” at our first day in New York.

New York

Charles James beyond fashion the whole city is full of advertisement – Here the window displays at Rockefeller Center!

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Past meets present @ Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel Venezia

Only two years ago Louis Vuitton opened its new flagship in Venice, which of course includes the brands art space Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel Venezia. The store as such was designed by the American architect Peter Marino and offers the whole product range on 4 floor (ground floor luggage and handbags, first floor mens wear, second woman’s wear and third floor book shop and art space – as far as I remember). The third floor, which was my favorite, has a beautiful loft like character with sofas to sit down and browse the huge book selection. Just the perfect counterbalance to the overcrowded street leading to St Marks square.


Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel Venezia, photo@http://designyoutrust.com

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“Inspirations” – The current Dries van Noten exhibition in Paris

Its quite a while since we have visited the Dries van Noten exhibition at Les Arts décoratifs in Paris. And almost everyone already said a lot about it on the internet.


Entrance to the Dries van Noten exhibition in Paris.

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No such thing as history – Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Munich

“No such thing as history” is the title of the first exhibition at the two story Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Munich, which we visited yesterday. As typical for Vuitton everything is organized perfectly. Every visitor can first enjoy a private guided tour through the exhibition and take more time to discover the artworks alone afterwards.

Louis Vuitton

“No such thing as history”, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Munich, photo@http://superfuture.com/supernews/munich-no-such-thing-as-history

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