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After huge success at Balenciaga Nicolas Ghesquière now designs Louis Vuitton woman wear. Find out more about the most iconic pieces from his collections, read about alternative products and get some styling inspirations!

Dior tribal earrings & more – 2014 in review!

Christmas is officially behind us and I feel that its time to sum up the year 2014. About a year ago I started writing my blog and I really have to admit that it enriches my life enormously. Despite of that, 2014 marks the end of the blog in its present structure. Considering advise of several friends I am going to discontinue the „beauty“, „interior“, „food“ and „travel“ sections to concentrate solely on fashion! However, the content from the discontinued sections will continue to be available on the page! Ok, but what I really want to do today is reflect on what happened in fashion in 2014!

Dior tribal earrings 2015

Dior tribal earrings caught our attention like no other piece of jewelry in 2014. They are simple, basically a preppy pearl stud! However, removing the slightly ugly back closure of the classic pearl stud and substituting it by an oversized pearl they are not only really modern looking but also incredibly creative (basic double pearl version is EUR 280 in the European Union)! Due to the popularity of the item mid market „inspired by“ pieces as well as „knock offs“ really flooded the market in the second half of 2014. So lets see whether „Dior tribal earrings 2015“ will be the next hot topic!

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Trend report fall 2014 – The mod shift dress

Guess that even those persons with only the slightest fashion interest have recognized that 60ies are back this fall. In a previous post I already showed you the softly draped side of the era by means of Ossie Clark style flouncy dresses. But sure there is also another more structured and tailored side – its the original mod shift dress.

mod shift dress

Mod shift dresses are extremely trending this fall, photos from thefashion-court.com, shiliupo.com, http://fashionbombdaily.com

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Sweater trends for fall 2014 – comic heros & Co.

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple – That’s for sure. But on the other hand they are also one of the biggest trends this upcoming fall! We already analyzed the trends regarding fabric and shape here on the blog so now its time to analyze whats trending regrading patterns!

Moschino spongebob sweater

Streetwear inspired sweaters with comic hero or fun prints are a big thing for fall 2014! all pics from style.com

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A zipper is hipper than a button this fall!

Are you in the mood for the next coat trend for fall? We already learned that regarding length the trend points towards long coats and regarding shape we have the option to choose from a wide range starting with very tight fitting styles going to super baggy versions. When it comes to the hardwear of the coat a clear trend towards sporty zippers is apparent!

Louis Vuitton Nicolas Ghesquière

Chanel showed zip coats, the Louis Vuitton Nicolas Ghesquière inaugural collection had them and Anthony Vaccarello also played with the zipper – Feels like a zipper is jipper than a button for this fall, all photos from style.com

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Trending for fall 2014 – tailored coats?!

Since some seasons coats got bigger and bigger and oversizing started to be all around. This fall things seemed to change a little bit – besides the oversized pieces several leading designers seemed to concentrate more on tailored coats!

tailored coats

Some of the best tailored coats for this fall Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière, Dior coats with side lacing by Raf Simons and Saint Laurent coats, all photos @style.com

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Balenciaga buckle strap ankle boots – Is it still stylish to wear them?

The Balenciaga buckle strap ankle boots, which were first shown for spring 2011 are still quite a trend. Well, maybe not a real trend, but they still manage to capture the attention of photographers at fashion and art events! They are perfectly in line with the general trend towards flat, bulky and a little ugly shoes and look great with boyfriend jeans as well as shorts or short dresses! Here is some inspirations on how to make the best of your Balenciaga buckle strap ankle boots this summer!

Alexander Wang

An attendant of Frieze NYC in May 2014 combining her Balenciaga buckle strap ankle boots with a Junya Watanabe patchwork jeans and a Celine trapeze handbag. photo@style.com

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LV petite malle bag – Treasure trunk vs classic top closure minaudière

After talking about the new Chanel collections I don’t want to miss to discuss the other hot news for this fall. Of course its the arrival of Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton including the highly anticipated lv petite malle bag. Sure taking inspiration from Vuittons roots as a trunk maker for the design of a handbag not only coincides with Ghesquière’s debut collection but also with the 160th anniversary of the house of Vuitton. Thus making the bag even more covetable.

On the fall 2014 runway the LV petite malle bag was shown as a little treasure trunk, which can be opened by unfastening the 3 side locks. This original version has already been worn by models, celebrities and LVH staff alike.

Gaia Repossi

Jewelry designer Gaia Repossi wearing a total look from Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut fall 2014 collection for the heritage brand. Of course the orange epi lv petite malle bag is the standout. photo@style.com

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Corals seemed to be the inspiration for the Louis Vuitton cruise Monaco presentation

After Dior in Brooklyn and Chanel cruise Dubai the Louis Vuitton cruise Monaco collection was presented directly opposite of the Palais du Prince. It was only the second show by the brands new designer Nicolas Ghesquière, who became famous while heading Balenciaga. Taking into account the video screens on the floor as well as the decorative elements on the clothing the collection seemed to be inspired by corals. Similar to his first collection a strong 60ies vibe was present. Flared pants, guess some were made of neoprene, were shown with waist belted tops and jackets. The addition of a bucked bag was a little reminiscent of Jane Birkin carrying her iconic straw basket.

Louis Vuitton bags

A modern Jane Birkin wearing flared pants, a tight top and the bucket bag at the Louis Vuitton cruise Monaco presentation, photo@style.com

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Balenciaga cutout boots – Which brands got inspired?

The Balenciaga cutout boots, which were first shown on the runway for spring 2011, are a hit and inspired many brands from high fashion to high street to launch their own take on the cutout shape.

Pierre Hardy

Balenciaga cutout boots, photo@pinterest.com

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Balenciaga Derby boots – Fashion icon build to last or to fade fast?

Did you know that the Balenciaga Derby boots, the extremely cool cutout boots that are everywhere at the moment, date back to the punky sping 2011 show? That means they are already 3 years old!!!

Nicolas Ghesquière

Balenciaga spring 2011 by Nicolas Ghesquière, photo@style.com

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