Fendi bag bugs 2015 are they kitsch ephemera?

Fendi bag bugs 2015 – seemed to be one of the hottest themes in the streets during fashion month just a few weeks ago! However, Financial Times fashion editor Jo Ellison called them “… an accessories line of kitsch ephemera that has gained a cult following among street-savvy-girly types “.

Isn’t it tolerable to wear something “cute” as a grown up? Does wearing such a bag bug scream please don’t take me serious I am a teenager in a woman’s body?

fend bag bugs 2015

I totally adore this photo from Paris Fashion week just a weeks ago. The Chanel camera bag and the Fendi bag bug with the owl shaped face really cool! picture found on https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/handbags/

In a previous post I already told you that I kind of like the idea of a cute lucky charm bag companion to identify with and to bring a good fortune.

fend bag bugs 2015

Very simple outfit with the cute Fendi bag bug as a standout, picture found on https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/handbags/

Let’s draw some parallels to Japan. On the one hand discipline and obsessive accuracy as well as a 0 tolerance towards flaws are deeply rooted in Japanese culture. But on the other hand Japan or at least Tokyo has such a colorful youth culture, where everything is about cuteness called kawaii. Its two opposites influencing each other for the better.

Fend bag bugs 2015

And another Fendi bag bug during Paris Fashion Week beginning of March, picture found on https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/handbags/

So isn’t it similar during fashion month. We have the runway, which is more than often minimalist. And we have the street style, which is as Suzy Menkes once said all about peacocking. So isn’t the fusion of both just the right way to dress for all of us everyday fashionistas!

Are my 3 favorite Fendi bag bug wearers from last fashion month really “street-savvy-girly types” or are they sophisticated and smart woman even though they are carrying a bag bug around?

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