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Barrie knitwear is a Scottish cashmere brand making the Chanel cashmere pieces. The company was bought by the Wertheimer family, which owns Chanel, in 2012. This was honored by the Chanel Paris-Édimbourg Métiers d’Art collection shown in December 2012 at Linlithgow castle in Scotland. A little similar to Maison Michel, the much hyped hat maker owned by Chanel, Chanel not only produces at the Barrie knitwear but also supports the ateliers own collections. This support resulted in a free standing Barrie knitwear collection, with its own campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld! The collection is sold at the Paris concept store Colette. I am highly curious what comes next from Barrie knitwear. I keep you informed in this section of the blog!

Chanel Salzburg collection – there is more than just bags …

Upon hearing Chanel the things that immediately start crossing one’s mind are bags, jackets, pearls, ballet flats, espadrilles. However, as a Chanel collection is strongly based on separates this is rather where it stops than where it begins! So let’s continue and have a look at knitwear, tops and bottoms from the Chanel Salzburg collection, which is going to hit stores next May!

Chanel sweater

The knitwear within the Chanel Salzburg collection, pic style.com

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Floral Chanel sweaters and amazing shirts

Chanel cruise 2015, the Dubai show, has officially arrived in stores, and I already presented some of the most covetable pieces from the handbag, shoes, jewellery and jacket section. But this is not where the collection ends. There is also plenty of pretty knitwear and one of the most amazing shirts the brand has done in a while…

floral chanel sweaters

Elisa Sednaoui at Chanel spring 2015 ready to wear presentation wearing floral Chanel sweater from cruise Dubai, pic vogue.fr

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Chanel spring 2015 – Spotlight on the knitwear

Yes its already some time ago that the “Boulevard Chanel” show with a feminist riot theme hit the Grand Palais in Paris (for all, who haven’t yet seen the show video its online here!). Thinking about the bags, the shoes, the accessories, jackets and even the makeup and nail polish there was really a lot going on on the runway. I can’t even remember one Chanel show that showed as many different styles as this one did! While Chanel previously used to be heavily focused on bags, jackets, pearl jewelry and to some extend shoes there was something within that show that suggested to me that the brand starts to broaden its spectrum …

Chanel spring 2015

With Gisele Buendchen on the Chanel runway in a knitwear ensemble it really seems like the brand wants to focus on this part of its portfolio, pics style.com

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Chanel grocery store runway – Let’s have a look at the knitwear!

Ever since Chanel purchased heritage Scottish cashmere mill Barrie back in December 2012 knitwear has more and more become a very integral part of every Chanel collection. When it comes to the pre-fall Paris-Dallas show my absolute favorite knitwear pieces were the huge blanket scarf that came in different colors and texture. For the Chanel grocery store runway Karl Lagerfeld opted for the complete opposite of those surely a little hard to wear pieces and showed some super easy to combine infinity scarfs. Again the scarfs were my absolute knitwear standout from the collection!

Chanel grocery store runway

These little infinity scarfs that came in several trendy colors like orange are a nice way to incorporate falls super bright trend! all pics from style.com

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Gruyère sweaters on the Chanel grocery catwalk!

Gruyère sweaters on the Chanel grocery catwalk, a ladder sweater shown at Sister by Sibling and a whole collection dedicated to knitting and runners at Comme des Garçons! Feels that 90ies deconstructivism has a huge moment for fall!

Chanel grocery catwalk

The new deconstructivism at Sister by Sibling, Chanel and Comme des Garçons, all photos from style.com

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The Barrie crafted knitwear from the Chanel Dallas collection

Cowboys and Indians with lots of fringes already ruled spring’s Junya Watanabe and Valentino show. And many style savy celebrities including Kate Moss already showed that the trend can work far beyond festival grounds. However, its still hard not to look costumy! Some beautiful pieces to incorporate this tendency softly, come from the knitwear section of the Chanel Paris Dallas collection! Let’s take a closer look at them!

Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Dallas collection, blanket scarf in blue striped, photo@chanel.com

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Chanel cruise Dubai – A closer look at the clothing

Yesterday Chanel cruise Dubai was presented. A little similar to Métiers d’Art Paris Dallas Karl Lagerfeld fused the spirit of Dubai with the Chanel heritage. As typical for a Chanel show there were so many different shapes, patterns, colors and decorative elements in the show that its really hard to name some favorites.

Pants ruled the Chanel cruise Dubai runway with shapes ranging from palazzo over straight and cigarette towards cuffed harem pants. A lot of white pants were present and gave the collection a little bit of Riviera spirit. One of the most adorable pants might have been a white slightly cropped straight pant with 3 little buttons and decorative, cobalt blue embroidery at the ankle. I guess the same pant style was also sent down the runway in black and cream with more simple buttons.

Karl Lagerfeld

Fabulous white pant on the Chanel cruise Dubai runway, photo@style.com

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