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Christian Dior founded his eponymous fashion house in the 50ies and rose to fame with his hour glass silhouette. Today the brand is part of the LVMH empire and designed by the Antwerp designer Raf Simons.

Dior tribale earrings available online but still trending…

I am sure that almost everyone knows the iconic double pearl earrings – big pearl behind and small pearl on the earlobe! A lot of brands offer that style at the moment. And yes its innovative and classic at the same time. It puts the pearl stud we all love for its beautiful surface and its power to illuminate our teint in a new and modern context. But above all it removed the not so nice looking back closure that has always been an integral feature of stud earrings while making them as pretty from the back as from the front. But do you know how the idea for this style was born?

Dior tribale earrings

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing Dior tribale earrings while attending a Miu Miu party during NYFW in February 2015, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/earrings/

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Dior fusion sneakers 2015 ?!

Once upon a time, to be precise one year ago, Couture drew heavy inspirations from street wear’s favourite item – the sneakers! There were lace trainers at Chanel looking pretty (just to bring the shoe back in mind click here) and embroidered swim shoes at Dior looking weird (if you want to see the shoe click here). A few month later Dior announced that the embroidered swim shoes will become available as a ready to wear item, which can be purchased in store. Plenty of people wore the shoes while attending the Couture presentations in July 2014 and when you were strolling along the streets in fashion capitals like Paris you started to see them occasionally on the feet of young fashionistas. That said for me it was crystal clear that the Dior Fusion sneakers are a short lived IT piece. However, fashion is made to surprise us and make us wonder – “Dior fusion sneakers 2015” is a topic to deal with.

dior fusion sneakers 2015

Blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Dior fusion sneakers with embroidered lamb skin flowers in black while attending the Couture presentations in Paris in Jan 2015, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/these-shoes-are-made-for-walking/

  • Dior fusion sneakers 2015 version with embroidered lamb skin flowers, dior.com

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Dior tribal earrings & more – 2014 in review!

Christmas is officially behind us and I feel that its time to sum up the year 2014. About a year ago I started writing my blog and I really have to admit that it enriches my life enormously. Despite of that, 2014 marks the end of the blog in its present structure. Considering advise of several friends I am going to discontinue the „beauty“, „interior“, „food“ and „travel“ sections to concentrate solely on fashion! However, the content from the discontinued sections will continue to be available on the page! Ok, but what I really want to do today is reflect on what happened in fashion in 2014!

Dior tribal earrings 2015

Dior tribal earrings caught our attention like no other piece of jewelry in 2014. They are simple, basically a preppy pearl stud! However, removing the slightly ugly back closure of the classic pearl stud and substituting it by an oversized pearl they are not only really modern looking but also incredibly creative (basic double pearl version is EUR 280 in the European Union)! Due to the popularity of the item mid market „inspired by“ pieces as well as „knock offs“ really flooded the market in the second half of 2014. So lets see whether „Dior tribal earrings 2015“ will be the next hot topic!

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Fake Dior tribal earrings …?

There is a very popular procedure that repeats itself time and time again in fashion industry. An innovative piece is launched by a brand and popularised by media. Sooner or later the market is  flooded with lookalikes, many cheaper but also some at the same or slightly lower price level. So its nothing different with Dior’s iconic tribal earring – you know the one with one pearl on the earlobe and the other behind! The one Alexa Chung wore perfectly well for a Valentino dinner earlier this month.

fake Dior tribal earrings

Alexa Chung wearing a Dior tribal earring while attending a Valentino hosted dinner in NYC, pic http://vivalachung.tumblr.com

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Dior tribal, tee shirt, gum tee shirt, tribale … – Now there is something new on its way!

Having a look at the guests pictures from a party Dior hosted last week at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC it seems that the success of the Dior tribal earrings, which started to be sold  in summer 2013, simply won’t fade. But after some seasons of alterations of the signature Dior double pearl style you won’t believe what a supersingly beautiful new earring style arrives in stores at the moment!

dior tribale

Model Sasha Luss paired a black one sided earring while reducing the rest of her jewelry to a minimum, pic http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/marion-cotillard-karlie-kloss-nicola-peltz-dior-guggenheim-gala-event/2/

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Trending for fall 2014 – tailored coats?!

Since some seasons coats got bigger and bigger and oversizing started to be all around. This fall things seemed to change a little bit – besides the oversized pieces several leading designers seemed to concentrate more on tailored coats!

tailored coats

Some of the best tailored coats for this fall Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière, Dior coats with side lacing by Raf Simons and Saint Laurent coats, all photos @style.com

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Jennifer Lawrence Dior earrings – Dior tribal earrings remained a favorite of Couture front row guests!

Just a short flashback – The Dior tribal earrings first hit retail floors around June 2013 as part of the pre-fall collection. However, at the couture presentations in July 2014, over one year later, they still seemed to be a favorite choice among front row guests! Want to get some styling clues on how they wore them?

Jennifer Lawrence Dior tribal earrings

In July 2014 Jennifer Lawrence wore her pink Dior tee shirt earring one sided while attending the brands couture presentation in Paris, photo@usmagazine.com

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Dior fusion sneakers … A new trend?

It was last season that the couture world shocked us – There were urban sneakers on the runways. Not only at one show but at two – Chanel and Dior. While the Chanel version was an immediate love affair for me and I was more than happy to spot a similar shape on the Chanel supermarket ready to wear runway for this fall – the Dior version was something I found highly ugly. Something like a swim shoe. End of June 5 versions of the Dior fusion sneakers were taken out of the couture atelier and officially launched at the Parisian temple of cool – Colette! As I had expected the couture street style was full of woman wearing the Dior fusion sneakers to the shows.

Raf Simons

Blogger Susie Bubble wearing Dior fusion sneakers while attending the Haute Couture presentations in Paris, photos wwd and Harpers Bazaar

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Purity of shape at Dior couture fall 2014

On Monday one of the biggest shows definitely was Dior couture fall 2014. According to style.com and the Dior press release the theme of the show was “across time”. The collection showed influences from so many centuries, which were interpreted in a new and modern way in order to show in one collection how much “…the future is based on the past”. In that way the collection was an extremely fabulous lesson in fashion history. Beyond this almost educational aspect and the beauty of the  looks the show provided a lot of inspirations for the general fashionistas, whose wardrobe isn’ t based on Couture! What are these implications?

Raf Simons

Embellished, parachute space suits, mini skirt and short blazer combinations and Edwardian coats are only some of the standouts of Dior couture fall 2014. photos@style.com

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