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Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of French Vogue, provides incredible style inspiration in my opinion. Her style is minimalist and basic – Thus the ideal starting point for building a long lasting wardrobe. Let’s find out her key elements and how to adopt them to our wardrobe in this section!

Chanel flap bag price 2015 – No alternative for a real icon!

Last Tuesday WWD reported that Chanel is about to increase prices for Chanel 2.55 flap bags, Boy bag and 11.12 bag by 20% in the European Union come April 8th while dropping them in China immediately.

Beeing a loyal fan of the brand for so many years I felt devastated. How the hell could they do something like that to all their European customers? Many of my friend had the same feelings and felt certainly a little betrayed. Having a more detailed look on the matter and discussing things with my husband I soon started discovering that there hasn’t been a real chance for Chanel! The Euro has dropped against the Dollar as much as 11% within recent times. Chanel and many other European luxury products have always been between 30 and 60% more expensive in China than in Europe. With the drop of the Euro the price difference has increased further. As a matter of fact the black market trade, which means people buying bags in Europe and reselling them in China has exploded. Of course not all of them traded with the real thing. Consequently, a huge mistrust against Chanel products had emerged in China, thus undermining the brand image on a global scale.

So Chanel might not have betrayed its European customers while trying to protect the brand image on a global scale, but certainly the price increase stimulates us Europeans to look around and search a little deeper to find options! In a previous post I already told you about the Boy bag, which is only 4 years old – so not a real heritage thing, and tried to show you some alternatives. Lets talk Chanel 2.55 this time!

Chanel flap bag

This is likely to be one of my favorite fashion pictures as it combines my top style icon Emmanuelle Alt and my top handbag the Chanel 2.55 flap, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/emmanuelle-capucine-geraldine-co/

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Emmanuelle Alt style 2015 – A lesson on wearing flared pants

Well, you might have recognised that Emmanuelle Alt, the editor in chief of French Vogue, is one of my favourite style icons. Her style is so simple and minimalist and boheme! She always manages to capture the attention of street style photographers without dressing in the latest IT Pieces from the runways! She simply has the wardrobe every woman is longing for! So OK last week spring Couture was presented in Paris and consequently its high time to get inspired by the Emmanuelle Alt style 2015!

Emmanuelle Alt style 2015

Emmanuelle Alt at Atelier Versace spring 2015 wearing a white fur coat, pic https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/emmanuelle-capucine-geraldine-co/

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Mom jeans for 2014 anyone …?!

So fashion month will finally come to a close today … Let’s continue a little with the makeover of the pants department of our wardrobe! For all those contrarians, who want to move just a little away from their beloved low waisted skinnies this fall, I already introduced you to the 70ies flared pants trend here on the blog. And to make them a little more easy to wear we already talked cropped flared, which is surely going to turn into something big after Nicolas Ghesquière brought them onto the runway at his incredible spring 2015 show (#lvspring) staged at the new LV Foundation today! Besides that there is another pants trend around – Its the classic high waist straight – sometimes called “mom jeans” or “dad pants” by the fashion press!

mom jeans 2014

Barbara Martelo in a pair of “mom jeans” during NYFW. pic http://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/boyfriend-pants/

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Skinny jeans for 2014 …?!

Let’s continue with some inspirations for your upcoming fall wardrobe! Very recently style.com announced that the skinny jeans is likely to be on its way out. Following the street style coverage of the current fashion month I really feel its true – there are less skinnies than ever and even loyal skinny devotees like French Vogue editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt started to favor classic straight cuts. Are pants really the wardrobe department that is likely to required the biggest makeover very soon!

trending for 2014 skinny jeans

Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris, wearing a pair of classic Levis 501 style jeans during NYFW in Sept 2014, pic: http://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/emmanuelle-capucine-geraldine-co

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Hunting for Maison Michel Virginie …

Hats are definitely a big topic this upcoming fall. I somehow feel that the whole thing started with Emmanuelle Alt fighting the NYC cold with a black Maison Michel Virginie fedora back in February 2013 (… or thats at least where the whole hat theme started for me!).

Emmanuelle Alt Maison Michel Virginie

Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris wearing Maison Michel Virginie fedora in black, photos@http://aloveisblind.com, http://coffeestainedcashmere.tumblr.com

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Greg Lauren military jacket

One of the key elements of Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt s chic minimalist wardrobe seem to be military style jackets. During fashion week back in February she combined an oversized style jacket with white pants and for couture week she showed up in another khaki colored jacket, which she mixed effortlessly with a pair of blue distressed, cuffed jeans. I know at the moment its quiet hot and maybe not the right time to think about shopping for khaki jackets. But as always its best to plan ahead before the best styles have already sold out. So which brands to turn to when it comes to shopping for khaki jackets?

Emmanuelle Alt jacket

Emmanuelle Alt wearing military style jackets during fashion week and couture week in Paris, photos@ eel.com, wwd.com

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Maison Michel Henrietta, Virginie & Co.

Hats are an accessory that many many people fear to incorporate into their wardrobe! Even on a hot summer day in the city many people skip the hat and favor to get a sunstroke or to make a last minute tourist purchase of things as ugly as a “sunbrella” (Good god I couldn’t stop laughing when a street vendor offered sun hats in the shape of an umbrella fixed to the hat, while we were queuing at the statue of liberty ferry in NYC!!!). Same goes for a moderately rainy day – where an ugly umbrella is often favored over a nice hat! And the same goes for cold winter days where freezing is preferred over a stylish hat! With Emmanuelle Alt showing up in a black Maison Michel Virginie fedora hat during a chilly NYC fashion week in February 2013 and the opening of the Maison Michel pop up store at 19 rue Cambon Paris at the end of last year everything seemed to change (… or at least that’s what I felt)!

Cara Delevingne

Adèle Exarchopoulos (photo @wwd.com) and Cara Delevingne (photo@ elizabethswardrobe.tumblr.com) wearing the Maison Michel Henrietta hat in some fun colors. The black version with a contrasting cobalt lining is available at Montaigne Market Paris!

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One week of couture – One week of Emmanuelle Alt summer style inspirations!

In general I am a huge fan of “French style” and love to keep all the looks of woman like Caroline de MaigretInès de La Fressange, Carine Roitfeld or Clémence Poésy on my pinterest pinboards. However, among all those French style icons one is my personal standout. Its Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris! Comes fashion or couture week I am always totally excited to spot some street style pictures of her on the internet to get some new inspirations! Find some Emmanuelle Alt summer style from the couture week below!

Day 1 – Emmanuelle Alt summer style

For her appearance at the Schiaparelli and Dior shows on Monday Emmanuelle opted for a black pant suit with a black top underneath. The standout element were a pair of red kitten heels with a black cap toe.

Emmanuelle Alt style

For day one of the couture presentations Emmanuelle Alt went for a simple black pant suit spiced up with some red kitten heels, photos @style.com

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Emmanuelle Alt street style inspiration from Louis Vuitton cruise Monaco

Whenever, I see Emmanuelle Alt streetstyle photos I am totally captivated by the simplicity of her look. Its almost all basics but mixed in the way she mixes and worn in the way she wears they have such a great effect. After being a little amazed to see her wearing a black blazer, which is likely to be the Isabel Marant  x HM blazer from last fall, for Chanel cruise in Dubai and again at Louis Vuitton cruise in Monaco I was happy to find a photo of the total Monaco look on style.com today. Do you know which 3 important styling “rules” we can learn from her look!?

Emmanuelle Alt style

Emmanuelle Alt and Mademoiselle Agnes at LV cruise Monaco, photo style.com

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Repetition reloaded Emmanuelle Alt @LV cruise Monaco

I recently wrote about French Vogue editor in chief, Emmanuelle Alt’s sartorial choice for Chanel cruise Dubai presentation. She simply went for the black Isabel Marant pour H&M blazer she had been worn several times before. I immediately liked her decision, because she stayed true to her style, although everyone around her was in Chanel. However, I was a little amazed when I saw the following photos of her while attending the Louis Vuitton cruise 2015 presentation in Monaco yesterday….

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt at the LV cruise show in Monaco presumably wearing the same Isabel Marant pour H&M blazer she had chosen for her appearance at the Chanel cruise in Dubai a few days before, photo@vogue.fr

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