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Fashion shopping is certainly an addiction of almost every woman. But sadly it can be one of the biggest loss businesses in the world. Just take an example a high fashion collection arrives in store September 9th! You can buy all the great pieces full price until January 2nd afterwards there is a 30 – 50% price reduction! In less than quarter a year you lost half of the value! Thats more than in cars or tech! On the other hand a classic bag from the same brand has nearly tripled in value over the last decade! While I really love the emotional and inspirational component of shopping I hold the strong believe that its much wiser to plan it strategically! And that’s exactly what this section is about!

Shoe shopping guide fall 2014

Besides handbags, shoes are without doubt almost every woman’s favorite fashion purchase. This doesn’t come without some good reasons. No matter which shape you are – a shoe shopping never disappoints as they always fit irrespective of your waist and hip measurements. More than bags shoes are a key factor to pull an outfit together. A great shoe can spice up an otherwise boring look in the same way an unflattering shoe ruins a great outfit! And surely it doesn’t hurt that much to purchase a shoe as it does to invest in a great handbag. That said let’s sum up what to keep in mind while shoe shopping this fall season!

shoe shopping guide 2014

shoe sketch from http://www.piecesoflisi.com/2010/06/manolo-blahnik-his-sketches-initiated.html

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Let’s sum up – skirt trends for fall 2014

After introducing midi and mini trends I feel its time to sum up the skirt trends for fall 2014. What is classy? What is trendy? And where to look for the best styles? Here comes my summary!

skirt trends for 2014

fashion sketch comes from http://www.shutupilovethatshirtonyou.com/2011/03/adventures-of-that-prada-skirt.html#_is=1c4rdu8tjacuxzba24vf23q8pi

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Denim trend fall 2014 – Let’s sum up!

After reporting on skinny jeans as the fashion mainstream for fall, full length flared pants, cropped flared pants, which have also been featured in Nicolas Ghesquière’s incredibly beautiful show for Louis Vuitton spring 2015, boyfriend styles, mom jeans as well as dungarees (here and here) its time to sum up! Here comes my denim trend fall 2014 report!

denim trend fall 2014

What’s classy and what trending in the field of pants, pic fashion sketch by http://rimmamaslak.blogspot.de

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Dress shopping guide fall 2014

After headgear, scarfs, coats and sweaters its time for the ultimate dress shopping guide fall 2014! In case you want to stay classy you have the choice between a draped, think DvF “The wrap” or a tailored shape with either a pencil style or A line skirt. To keep it really timeless the perfect length is just above or just below the knee. Regarding color black, dark jewel tones and neutrals are the best. For fall its perfectly suitable to jump on a wool cashmere fabric in order to keep you warm…

dress shopping guide fall 2014

What to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect dress this fall! fashion sketch from: http://fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.de

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How to incorporate Charlotte Gainsbourg for Current Elliott into your wardrobe?

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Current Elliott, a 40 piece capsule collection, hit the Parisian concept store Colette on Monday and will be available worldwide at the end of July. The collection as such consist of basics tops, sweaters, jackets, coats and pants all inspired by Gainsbourg s own style. In line with a general tendency towards minimalism and non chalance in fashion the *French style* or *Parisian style* seams to be more trending than ever. In a previous post I already highlighted my collection favorites. But now I couldn t help to think about 3 looks to incorporate those great pieces into a wardrobe. Today I start with the fabulous Charlotte Gainsbourg for Current Elliott grey wool blazer!

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Current Elliott

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Summer sale 2014 high time to get the perfect sundress

Regarding fashion mid June is a busy time. Pre fall collections hit stores and summer sale 2014 kicked off. What are the best bargains to hunt for during summer sale 2014? Of course, basic pieces, wardrobe staples of high quality, that might be out of reach at a non sale price. Thinking about the upcoming beach holidays one of the best sale purchases might be light weight summer dresses. Preferably those that work from pool to evening! Here is a list of my 3 favorites.

Chloe sundress

Chloé crepe dress from the spring 2014 cookbook, photo@chloe.com

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