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Prada the anti status brand with a strong intellectual focus has a perfectly functional bag collection made out of the extremely resistant Saffiano leather as well as super stylish fashion. Read about iconic pieces, discover alternatives and get some styling inspirations in this section!

The coolest mini tote bags 2015

Since quite some seasons designers provide us with mini versions of our favourite “not so small purse styles”, like tote or satchel. Consequently, the mini bag has evolved as a major competitor to classic small bags like flap bag or clutch. The mini tote shape is by far my favourite among the new generation of shrunken bags. So what are the coolest mini tote bags 2015?

mini tote bags

Prada Saffiano mini lux tote, pic prada.com

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The little sister of the Prada Saffiano Promenade Bag

Since a few years one of the major trends in the field of handbags seems to be shrinking totes, bowlers and the likes in order to adjust them for all those occasions where we do not need to carry a lot of stuff around! After having a look at the Celine nano luggage tote yesterday lets track the style history of the mini version of the Prada Saffiano Promenade Bag!

Prada Saffiano Promenade bag

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing a Prada Saffiano mini Promenande bag during fashion week in September 2014, picture https://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/handbags/

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Prada flatforms – The rise of an icon

Prada flatforms seem to be one of the brands icons. Only very recently blogger Leandra Medine chose wearing a pair of Prada creepers while attending Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2015 presentation. This choice is particularly outstanding because Stella McCartney has a very coveted pair of flatforms, the so called Elyse, too. So lets go a little back in history and see how the Prada flatforms trend evolved!

Prada flatforms

Blogger Leandra Medine wearing a Stella McCartney dress, Chanel art school backpack and Prada flatforms while attending Stella McCartney pre fall 2015 presentation, picture vogue.com

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Prada creepers – Are they still trending?

Flat platform shoes or flatforms in fashion slang are definitely back on the trend radar for 2015. While about 10 years ago the flatform discussion used to be about sneakers this time around its about Oxford style lace up shoes. The Stella McCartney Elyse platform brogues were one of the most popular shoes during fashion month last September. However, what about the brand that brought the flatform back on the radar? What about the Prada creepers?

Prada creepers

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing Prada creepers, pic http://styleintoaction.blogspot.de

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Handbag trends for fall 2014 anyone?

Oh yes I know I am really late to finish my fall trend coverage. Some department stores already offer mid-season sale and the cruise collections are about to arrive in store within the next week. So its high time to hurry and finish my fall trend report. After reflecting on headgear, scarfs, coats, sweaters, lots of denim, dresses and skirts its finally time to come to one of the most important wardrobe departments – HANDBAGS … In contrast to the aforementioned wardrobe departments, where everything seems to be about general trends and tendencies, I feel that in the field of bags its more about brand specific timeless or seasonal “It Bags”.

So let’s start with Chanel. Sure the brand has its classic flap bag, reissue 2.55 and the boy bag. But besides that the Chanel shows are as much about what models wear as they are about what models carry! So which bags are the bags of the fall winter 2014 season? I feel its the bandana bag from Métiers d’Art Paris Dallas. Somehow a descrete bag as it was neither featured in the Kristen Stewart campaign nor is it presented on the brands web page for everyone to see.

handbags for fall 2014

The Chanel bandana bag had a loyal group of followers during fashion month, pics vogue.fr, style.com, harpers bazaar.com

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Prada crisis – What’s wrong…?

Have you read the shocking news on WWD and Bloomberg? Prada sales dropped as much as 21% in the first half of 2014! They lost about 30% of their value in the first half of this year!  40% of the brands revenue are directly made in Asia, 34% in Europe and 12% in the US. Speaking about Europe the major costumers are tourists visiting from Asia. As all export centered companies the strengthening of the Euro hurts the brand with dropping rates of visitors and reduced purchases. The European domestic interest declined too. But that affects other brands in very much the same way? This can’t be the only reason for this heavy decline! Does the market get too dense and does Prada fail to stand the competition from other forces in the business like Vuitton and Chanel?

Prada crisis

Anna dello Russo wearing Prada spring 2014 during fashion week in February 2014, pic http://www.pinterest.com/stylecloseup/coats/

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Sweater shopping list for fall 2014

Do you need a sweater for this fall? After analyzing some of the major trends, like utility fabrics (parachute at Christopher Kane, neoprene at Balenciaga or mesh at Stella Mc), high end materials (like leather at Milly, mink at Gucci or embroidered lace at Mary Katrantzou) or oversizing (as seen at Celine, Prada and Stella McCartney) its time to sum up! Here comes my sweater shopping list for fall 2014!

sweater shopping list

Classic versus trendy sweater what do you want for fall? The fashion sketch comes from http://rimmamaslak.blogspot.de/2011/08/slouchy-sweater-sketch.html

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Big bigger biggest – Oversized sweaters are trending for fall!!!

Since several seasons it feels that the good old tightly fitting cashmere pullover is a little out of fashion. Oversizing slowly started to find its way into the runway shows and seems to hit a peek for this fall! So what to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect oversized sweaters this fall!!!

oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters with a plunging neckline look great with a loosely slung necktie or a pussy bow shirt, all pics are from style.com

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