Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou …

After the Whitney in New York a Jeff Koons retrospective has hit the Centre Pompidou and we came to see it while in Paris last week. So that’s the most unemotional and boring sentence I have ever started a post with. But somehow it describes my initial feelings towards his art very well. Jeff Koons – “The king of kitsch”, how Forbes calls him, goes for the obvious and plays it bold – bright colors, children’s toys and sex! As a matter of fact his works do not seem to blend well with my minimalist, discreet aesthetics that are mostly defined in black and white as well as nature inspired neutrals. So what made us go there? Did we got caught up within the heavy advertisement?

Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou

Jeff Koons Centre Pompidou – The Retrospective, after the Whitney in NYC the show arrived in Paris, pic taken by CKM

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Chanel Salzburg collection – there is more than just bags …

Upon hearing Chanel the things that immediately start crossing one’s mind are bags, jackets, pearls, ballet flats, espadrilles. However, as a Chanel collection is strongly based on separates this is rather where it stops than where it begins! So let’s continue and have a look at knitwear, tops and bottoms from the Chanel Salzburg collection, which is going to hit stores next May!

Chanel sweater

The knitwear within the Chanel Salzburg collection, pic

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Chanel jackets 2015 – Salzburg style …

Its a week ago that the latest Chanel Métiers d’Art collection, a kind of pre-fall show honoring the brands incredible craftsmen ateliers, has been presented in Salzburg. For all, who haven’t seen the show video yet I highly recommend to do so here. I already provided some informations on the handbags, shoes and jewelry that is going to arrive in June 2015. Now lets continue with the jackets!

chanel jackets 2015

Ranging from simple to elaborate the Chanel Salzburg runway was full of great classic jackets, pic

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The Chanel Salzburg jewelry

After handbags and shoes … lets take a closer look at the costume jewelry from the Chanel Métiers d’Art 2015 Paris Salzburg collection! In line with the spirit of the whole show there was a strong ambivalence within the jewelry on the runway. There were these incredible pearl and Swarowski stone necklaces, bracelets and brooches that looked like lace or embroidery immediately awaking thoughts of the elegance of royal courts. Although costume jewelry some of the pieces were reminiscent of Buccellati’s incredible “Lace and Diamonds” collection.

Chanel pearl jewelry 2015

Pearl and chrystal necklaces reminiscent of lace or embroidery looked incredibly elegant on the Chanel Salzburg runway, pic

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Chanel Salzburg shoe parade …

After talking Chanel Salzburg handbags yesterday lets come to the shoes today! Paris Salzburg was full of great shoes, that provided a perfect fusion of the codes of Chanel and the Salzburg theme of the collection. One of my personal top pieces were the Chanel combat boots 2015. Surely they showed certain parallels to the fall 2014 sneaker boots. But this time around they seemed to be more gracile thus making them a lot more wearable. In particular the all black shoes showed great potential to become one of the ultimate “It” pieces of the collection.

chanel combat boots 2015

The all black knee-high combat boots that drew inspiration from the fall 2014 sneaker boots as well as the brands iconic combat style seem to have real “IT” potential, pic

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A closer look at the Chanel Salzburg handbags

Surely the bags presented on a Chanel runway only make up a small portion of the huge amount of new colors and textures that will finally appear in store with a collection. And yes the runway bags aren’t really classy. Maybe not even timeless. But despite of that I always love to have a closer look at them and love to be inspired by how Chanel employed couture embroidery techniques for the design of its runway bags! So lets have a closer look at the Chanel Salzburg handbags!

Chanel Salzburg handbags

Tapestry style embroidered Chanel flap bags seemed to be the standout of Chanel Salzburg bag wise, pic,

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Laduree Christmas 2014 collection

Its only 20 days lefts until Christmas! Besides the never ending search for creative, witty, timeless … presents the discussion about what to serve your guests for Christmas or for all those like me, who have the pleasure of being invited, what to bring for your hostess starts tingling. One of the best answers might be one of the artful delights that Parisian pastry chefs create for Christmas!

Laduree Christmas 2014

The Laduree Christmas 2014 collection isn’t playing with the typical codes of the festive season! pic

  • Laduree tropic Christmas collection including pinapple Macarons, vanilla rum Macarons and much more,

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Heidi and Peter meets Sissi and Franz

The Chanel Salzburg show came to a close and a day of constant instagram feed refreshments is finally over. The backdrop for the incredible Métiers d’Art collection, Chanels annual pre-fall show in honour of the craftsmanship of its ateliers, was an array of beautiful Rococo salons at Schloss Leopoldskorn near Salzburg. Paying tribute to Austria’s rich heritage in sweet treat a huge table artfully decorated with everything from Christmas cookies and Gugelhupf to Mozart Kugeln adorned one of the rooms. However, lets not get distracted by the incredible setting! What about the fashion?

Chanel Salzburg Show

Sweet Austrian delights adorned a table like an old masters painting, pic

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Jewelry – one of the best christmas gift ideas for girlfriends!

Christmas sales kicked off and besides the upcoming Chanel Paris Salzburg collection, which will be presented today at Schloss Leopoldskorn, my thoughts are constantly circling around the question what to buy for Christmas! A few days ago I already discussed the issue of fragrance presents on the blog and today I want to continue with jewellery!

Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends

I personally adore the layering of multiple small friendship bracelets, pic

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What to expect from Chanel Salzburg

Chanel Salzburg, the brands annual Métiers d’Art collection, will be presented at Leopoldskorn castle near Salzburg tomorrow! As usual one day in advance of a Chanel presentation I try to sit down and think about how the upcoming collection might look like!

Chanel Salzburg

Invitation for Chanel Salzburg prefall presentation, pic

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