Beyond Dior earrings tribal style …

Dior tribal earrings may have caused mass hysteria in 2014. But with an increasing number of people wearing either the real style or a knockoff, the difference is often hard to see, will their coolness factor fade into a distance memory?

Dior earrings tribal style

Anna dello Russo at Gucci fall 2015 womans wear presentation in Milan wearing Sophie Bille Brahe earrings, picture

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Dior tribale earrings available online but still trending…

I am sure that almost everyone knows the iconic double pearl earrings – big pearl behind and small pearl on the earlobe! A lot of brands offer that style at the moment. And yes its innovative and classic at the same time. It puts the pearl stud we all love for its beautiful surface and its power to illuminate our teint in a new and modern context. But above all it removed the not so nice looking back closure that has always been an integral feature of stud earrings while making them as pretty from the back as from the front. But do you know how the idea for this style was born?

Dior tribale earrings

Hanneli Mustaparta wearing Dior tribale earrings while attending a Miu Miu party during NYFW in February 2015, picture

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Trends is a dirty word its all about individuality!

Thats what Anna Wintour, editor in chief of US Vogue told Tim Blanks from in an interview during NYFW last week. But how can we achieve individuality at times of mass produced ready to wear fashion? Exactly, personalisation service is the answer! And one of the most witty and unique approaches at the moment comes from London based designer Anya Hindmarch. Its called the Anya Hindmarch sticker!

Anya Hindmarch stickers

Anya Hindmarch stickers attached to a Kelly bag! I like it, but its really brave because they are permanent! picture

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Fun Fur – Fendi Bag Bugs

Oh how much I love these little witty creatures! Did you know that its already 2 years ago that Karl Lagerfeld created these cute monster fur balls called Fendi Bag Bugs for the first time? I liked them immediately. They reminded me of my childhood when I loved to pick a plush toy charm from Nici, a German brand that is very popular for doing a lot of incredibly cute plush toys, to attach it to my school backpack as a lucky charm. When it started to get torn by carrying it around I put it inside the backpack, but it stayed. In many ways the Fendi Bag Bugs represented a deluxe version of that lucky charm for me.  So the idea is great isn’t it! It catches our attention with those childhood memories and puts them in the context of our grown up world! But was it enough to make Fendi bag bugs last?

Fendi Bag Bugs 2013

The idea of the Fendi Bag Bugs was born in March 2013, picture

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Stella McCartney shoes with bulky soles are still hot!!!

Do you remember when Stella Mc Carney showed her platforms about a year ago on the runway? And than during fashion month in September almost everyone was wearing that style. Well, I sort of liked them but considered them to be strictly one season. However, surprise surprise with new models that arrived with cruise and summer 2015 it feels that the Stella McCartney shoes with bulky soles named “Elyse” and “Britt” are made to stay a little longer! So are the emerging into a major fashion icon?

Stella Mc Cartney shoes

Stella Mc Cartney shoes in monk strap design with platform worn during NYFW February 2015. Stella Mc Cartney shoes and a fur coat? I hope its faux fur!!! , picture

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Aviator frames – from ugly to pretty ugly

Do you remember when I posted about a tendency towards aviator frames a few weeks ago? What I did not mention were my somewhat mixed emotions regarding that style. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think about aviator frames is a wedding picture of my aunt. Honestly, I’ve always considered her as an incredibly beautiful and tasteful woman but the day she showed her wedding pictures to me when I was still a child I had to fight hard to keep a straight face. She was wearing a classic bridal gown complete with a veil. The only mismatch was a pair of really statement Aviator frame corrective glasses. OK this was back in the 80ies. But anyway it build the fundament for one of my deepest believes. Its incredibly hard to go for a feminine and sexy style while wearing glasses. Its possible to look sophisticated, boho and above all stylish while wearing glasses but feminin and sexy – No. An Herve Leger bandage dress and high heel Louboutins with glasses – No way! Surely each and every style of glasses would have looked weird with a wedding gown but somehow I developed a particular aversion against aviator frames. But in very recent times I tend to feel that the huge number of acetate Wayfarer frame wearers starts to make me want to move on to something different. So I already found my first icon that really made me want to try aviators – its Lucy Chadwick. But besides her NYC based accessory designer Jennifer Fisher caught my eye when she popped up in street style photos again and again.

aviator frames

NYC based jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher during NYFW February 2015, picture

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Prada derby shoes – Still a favourite of fashion folks!

Fashion isn’t build to last … Fashion is moving forward with an ever increasing pace … Fashion is made for a season … Well all these things are commonly said by fashion devotees and fashion skeptics alike. And well it holds a certain truth. And even the logical consequence that investing a huge amount of money in fashion is similar to throwing the money out of the window can be true when you are not equipped with a keen eye. There are those products that are made for a season and after you won’t want to wear them too often. But fashion industry has other things as well. Those items that are started, the brands take care of them, yes they modify them season after season but they stay. One of the more surprising items that seems to be made to stay are the Prada derby shoes with the bulky sole …

Prada brogues

Leandra Medine wearing Prada derby shoes during NYFW in February 2015, picture

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Beyond the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag

Its almost a year ago that Nicolas Ghesquière introduced the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag and the Christmas 2014 issue of Harrods journal proclaimed enthusiastically that “… fall 2014 will be remembered as the season where Nicolas Ghesquière shrunk the trunk …”. Anyway, Louis Vuitton Petite Malle disappointed me a little. The runway prototypes were real little trunks with an opening at the side while the retail version was equipped with a bulky strap and a top clutch opening. Moreover, LV introduced a waiting list … Initially I held the strong believe that La Petite Malle will be a one season collectible. However, as it turned out it isn’t. New Louis Vuitton Petite Malle versions were launched with cruise, summer and pre-fall. So its intend to stay. La Petite Malle seems to be pushed forward to turn into an icon. But is it really the only bag inspired by a trunk that is available at the moment? Or do we have options.

LV Petite Malle

From runway to retail. In the fall 2014 show the prototypes of the Petite Malle bag were real mini trunks with a side opening. The retail versions received a clutch makeover, which included the addition of a huge black strap!, picture

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Yeezy Boost – Hello to a new Kanye West sneaker line!

No matter wether you are a Kanye West fan or not. Yesterday, NYFW found its first highlight – the presentation of the highly anticipated Kanye West x Adidas collab with its ultimate and hopefully “It piece” the Yeezy Boost moccasin sneaker boots!

Yeezy Boost

Kanye West Yeezy Boost for Adidas is likely to launch tomorrow, Feb 14th, picture

  • Kanye West x Adidas Yeezy Boost, likely to launch Feb 14th 2015, expected retail price $350, 5 000 pairs,

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Acne Velocite jacket – consistency versus innovation

Let’s face it todays fashion industry is a strongly accessory focused one with the handbag being the ultimate centrepiece. We have accessories of the season sometime turning “IT” bags and in rare occasions staying around for more than 100 years without any decrease in covatibility like the Hermes Kelly bag. With apparel its somewhat more complicated. Rarely a long lasting “IT” product develops. Things are made to be there for a maximum of 6 months. Honestly, this fast cycle annoys me a lot. Because I don’t want to turn around my entire wardrobe season after season. Surely, the answer is bascis and classics – the so called classic dressing. But well this is boring as hell. So is there a way out? Well there are those pieces that are lasting “IT” pieces in the apparel section as well. … but they are more hidden than in case of accessories. So let’s have a look at the development of one of the most iconic winter jackets within recent years – the Acne Velocite jacket!

acne velocite

Acne Velocite leather jacket worn during Couture week January 2015, picture

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