Boulevard Chanel polarizes …

I was wrong! :) Boulevard Chanel did neither deal with shopping as back in spring 2009 or fall 2014 nor with brand expansion like for fall 2013! The topic was street riots and political protest. Referencing the fab coffee table book “French Style” demonstrations are a very integral parts of French culture. Using riots as a fashion show theme surely polarizes, particularly when the creative mind behind the spectacle is someone like Karl Lagerfeld, who is known to say that “Fashion is not an art form!” So lets leave it to fashion critics to argue whether the show touched a very recent topics like gender equality, considering the “he for she” campaign, or even reached beyond that towards raising awareness for the current fight for democracy in Hong Kong or was just a stage theatre performance! Let’s take our perspective – the perspective of the customer, who wants to buy pieces that give pleasure to oneself and might eventually hold or increase value and may be even inherited someday!

Boulevard Chanel

The scene at Chanel spring 2015 today, pic

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Chanel shopping center – re-review of the jackets ….

Oh, I really can’t wait until “Boulevard Chanel”, the spring 2015 ready to wear show, hits the Grand Palais in Paris – so excited! But let’s make the time a little shorter and continue to talk about the “Chanel shopping center”, the fall 2014 collection, that hit store first week of September while we were in Paris. I already told you about my top jackets from the show – but after seeing the complexity of the cuts and textures and details face to face things can change a lot…

chanel shopping center

windows of Chanel 382 Saint Honoré decorated according to the “Coco coach” campaign

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Prada crisis – What’s wrong…?

Have you read the shocking news on WWD and Bloomberg? Prada sales dropped as much as 21% in the first half of 2014! They lost about 30% of their value in the first half of this year!  40% of the brands revenue are directly made in Asia, 34% in Europe and 12% in the US. Speaking about Europe the major costumers are tourists visiting from Asia. As all export centered companies the strengthening of the Euro hurts the brand with dropping rates of visitors and reduced purchases. The European domestic interest declined too. But that affects other brands in very much the same way? This can’t be the only reason for this heavy decline! Does the market get too dense and does Prada fail to stand the competition from other forces in the business like Vuitton and Chanel?

Prada crisis

Anna dello Russo wearing Prada spring 2014 during fashion week in February 2014, pic

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Boyfriend jeans 2014 – Anyone…?

Its quite official – our long beloved skinny jeans are made to stay for fall as the mainstream go for piece! But what about all those, who are contrarians by nature and want to do something different? We already had the full-length and the cropped flared pants – so what else?

boyfriend jeans 2014

I feel that a pair of low slung boyfriend jeans, a cropped top and a pair of sneakers is very much the silhouette of the year, pic

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Chanel baskets – A new fashion icon on its way?

Let’s make the time waiting for Chanel spring 2015 a little shorter by evaluating the Chanel shopping center collection that hit stores first week of September while we were in Paris. I had already presented my top 3 bags from the collection, showed you my favorite jacket so far, introduced you to the knitwear and not to forget the accessories. But is it really possible to judge a collection as complex in cut and details as Chanel by looking at pictures?

Chanel baskets

Giovanna Battaglia wearing Chanel baskets during fashion week, pic

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Bell bottoms 2014 – Anyone…?!

After realizing that the much beloved skinnies are surely there to stay for some more seasons why not think about being a little ahead of fashion mainstream? I already presented a denim 2014 guide to you here on the blog and following February 2014 fashion month we also discussed the topic of flared or bell bottoms 2014. In February my conclusion was that flared pants can be very flattering but considering practical aspects (they require to be worn with a very high heel, can only be worn with one heel hight, floor length seams get dirty and soak up rain water …) they are hard to wear! So whats new in the field of bell bottoms 2014?

bell bottoms 2014

Jane Herman Bishop, cofounder of Jean Stories, wears her flared pants cropped and combines them with flats, pic

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What to expect from Chanel spring 2015?

“Boulevard Chanel” – That’s what the invitation to the upcoming Chanel spring 2015 runway for next Tuesday reads. Simple and precise an iconic Parisian blue green street sign on a pale wall of a Haussmanian sandstone building. Another shopping scenario on the runway for spring 2015? A homage to Parisian style?

Chanel spring 2015

Chanel spring 2015 “Boulevard Chanel” invitation, pic

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Skinny jeans for 2014 …?!

Let’s continue with some inspirations for your upcoming fall wardrobe! Very recently announced that the skinny jeans is likely to be on its way out. Following the street style coverage of the current fashion month I really feel its true – there are less skinnies than ever and even loyal skinny devotees like French Vogue editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt started to favor classic straight cuts. Are pants really the wardrobe department that is likely to required the biggest makeover very soon!

trending for 2014 skinny jeans

Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris, wearing a pair of classic Levis 501 style jeans during NYFW in Sept 2014, pic:

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Archi Dior joaillerie – a high jewelry line inspired by couture gowns

Last Sunday the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires et de la Haute Joaillerie came to a close in Paris. Although its already over a week ago that we returned from Paris I still can’t help to constantly reflect on our visit. After sharing some inspirations from the Chanel pavilion with you I want to give a few insights into the Archi Dior Joaillerie collection.

archi dior joaillerie

The Dior pavillon at the 27 Biennale in Paris, window display featuring Dior “Aurore” dress from spring 1958 couture YSL for CD, pic taken by CKM

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Stan Smith Pharrell is on its way!

Do you remember when I wrote about the launch of a new all white Stan Smith edition exclusively at Colette Paris, Barney’s and DSM (Adidas Stan Smith Colette edition)? While in Paris we saw the queue outside of Colette Wednesday Sept 10th (For all, who don’t believe check out Colette’s instagram here)! This was just 11 days ago!!! Consequently, I was more than surprised when I saw another instagram announcement of the store that showed a new Adidas Stan Smith special edition entitled – Adidas Stan Smith Pharrell solid pack 2 days ago! Only 9 days between the launch of 2 special editions of one and the same shoe style – isn’t that crazy?

Stan Smith Pharrell

The new Adidas Stan Smith Pharrell come in solid blue, black or red color! photo from sneaker

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