Skate shoes 2015 – the luxury version

Slip on skate shoes 2015 are definitely a hot topic. Although knowing that the style as such is quite old and its recent revival dates back to 2012 I would definitely call them a must have shoe for spring summer! So here are my top 3 high fashion takes on the trend!

skate shoes 2015

Celine was the brand that brought slip on skate shoes back onto the fashion stage in 2012 and its my absolute first choice when it comes to the deluxe version of skate shoes, picture found on

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Celine skate shoes – Still trending or already a classic?

Skate shoes are by far not a new invention. Skate shoes aren’t a new trend either. In a way similar to sneakers, skate shoes already reached a point of mass hysteria. So let’s have a look at how the skate shoes reemerged in recent years and of course how to incorporate them into the wardrobe!

Celine skate shoes

Skate shoes, like most other items with an origin in streetwear, are extremely easy to pull off. They can be worn with every kind of pants and look even great with a skirt, picture found on

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Plastic umbrellas

Thinking Japan umbrellas are a thing that immediately crosses ones mind. Most of us Europeans and Americans might imagine artfully crafted paper-bamboo wagasa’s. But let’s be honest wagasa’s are as common in contemporary Japan as dirndls are in Germany. There is another truly Japanese umbrella invention that’s ruling Tokyo! Its the see-through transparent plastic umbrella!

plastic umbrellas

Its one of the most obvious things when walking the streets of Tokyo or browsing street style pics from Tokyo fashion week – see through plastic umbrellas are everywhere, picture found on

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Bare legs vs flesh-toned stockings

Paris and Tokyo are two cities with very opposing aesthetics not only regarding architecture and urban layout but also regarding peoples style. Parisian style is all about effortless and minimal chic, while many Tokyoites seem absolutely unworried to show how hard they are trying to look great. They seem to prefer perfection over effortlessness. Although it came to me as a surprise, one of the biggest differences between Europe/ US and Tokyo fashion lies in the perception of flesh-toned stockings!

Barbara Martelo

This is what I would call the perfect European/ US way to wear a skirt right now. Simple T-shirt, bare legs and a nice pair of heels, picture found on

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Tulle skirts in real life?

Jean Paul Gaultier presented his first prêt-à-porter collection in 1976 and his last in 2014. One look remained almost unchanged over 38 years. Its the ballett style tulle skirt with a biker jacket! So what’s the reason behind the special appeal of a tulle skirt?  Why could a tulle skirt be relevant in everyday fashion?

black tulle skirt

Giovanna Battaglia wearing a tulle skirt during fashion month, picture found onçons-from-runway-into-the-street/

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Timelessness …

Fashion icons rise and fall! Certainly, there is plenty of rising starts at the moment, just consider Mansur Gavriel the new It handbag brand. But there is also plenty of falling stars. First Victor & Rolf the Belgium avantgarde designers announced to shut down their ready to wear business, then Jean Paul Gaultier and now news broke that Reed Krakoff the New York based designer is doing the same. So it really seems that one of the most prized luxuries in fashion in our times is resilience – the ability to stand the test of time! So let’s talk about truly classic that shouldn’t miss in a womans wardrobe!

Manolo Blahnik BB

Barbara Martelo in a super simple and super stunning look during fashion week, picture found on

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Fendi bag bugs 2015 are they kitsch ephemera?

Fendi bag bugs 2015 – seemed to be one of the hottest themes in the streets during fashion month just a few weeks ago! However, Financial Times fashion editor Jo Ellison called them “… an accessories line of kitsch ephemera that has gained a cult following among street-savvy-girly types “.

Isn’t it tolerable to wear something “cute” as a grown up? Does wearing such a bag bug scream please don’t take me serious I am a teenager in a woman’s body?

fend bag bugs 2015

I totally adore this photo from Paris Fashion week just a weeks ago. The Chanel camera bag and the Fendi bag bug with the owl shaped face really cool! picture found on

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Flared pants 2015 – time for investment clothing?

“Fashion is dead, its all about bags, shoes, maybe scarfs and some jewelry.” Thats what a friend of mine told me some time ago. This made me think for a long time … Well, certainly he is right, today there are It bags that are worn on the runway, than they are worn by the hip crowd attending fashion month, they are worn by celebrities sometimes even on the red carpet, they are advertised … they exist longer than a season … they are reworked again and again. At some point all of us everyday fashionistas start to dream of them, to save for them, to hunt for them and finally splurge on them. Often we are happy with our purchase until one pretty day we see them everywhere around us, look alikes pop up at much lower price points … and finally we are so fed up with our once beloved item that we don’t want to wear it again. We tuck it in the back corner of our shelve ensuring ourselves that we’ll certainly dig it out in just a few seasons. But deep inside we know that the item is dead. It has lost everything that made it special. We’ll never wear it again!

So what about clothing? “Clothing? For that I go to Zara, HM, TopShop and sometimes Uniqlo. Its super easy to find cool clothing with a good price, but for the accessories you have to splurge!” That’s what another friend told me.

As I am certainly a little bit of what French model Caroline de Maigret calls “… a contrarian by nature …” I started to refocus my attention. As much as I love accessories but with all the hype around them they easily become overexposed. Its different with fashion. You rarely talk about the pants of the season. And in case you really bought something great that you really love you can almost wear it forever – one day its vintage but still great!

So let’s talk a little clothing today! To be more precise let’s analyze the most recent creations of my personal master of pants – Nicolas Ghesquière!

flared pants 2015

Nicolas Ghesquière might well be responsible for the current flared pants trend that’s emerging fastly. His cruise 2015 collection for Louis Vuitton was heavy on full length flared styles, picture

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Chanel flap bag price 2015 – No alternative for a real icon!

Last Tuesday WWD reported that Chanel is about to increase prices for Chanel 2.55 flap bags, Boy bag and 11.12 bag by 20% in the European Union come April 8th while dropping them in China immediately.

Beeing a loyal fan of the brand for so many years I felt devastated. How the hell could they do something like that to all their European customers? Many of my friend had the same feelings and felt certainly a little betrayed. Having a more detailed look on the matter and discussing things with my husband I soon started discovering that there hasn’t been a real chance for Chanel! The Euro has dropped against the Dollar as much as 11% within recent times. Chanel and many other European luxury products have always been between 30 and 60% more expensive in China than in Europe. With the drop of the Euro the price difference has increased further. As a matter of fact the black market trade, which means people buying bags in Europe and reselling them in China has exploded. Of course not all of them traded with the real thing. Consequently, a huge mistrust against Chanel products had emerged in China, thus undermining the brand image on a global scale.

So Chanel might not have betrayed its European customers while trying to protect the brand image on a global scale, but certainly the price increase stimulates us Europeans to look around and search a little deeper to find options! In a previous post I already told you about the Boy bag, which is only 4 years old – so not a real heritage thing, and tried to show you some alternatives. Lets talk Chanel 2.55 this time!

Chanel flap bag

This is likely to be one of my favorite fashion pictures as it combines my top style icon Emmanuelle Alt and my top handbag the Chanel 2.55 flap, picture

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Chanel Boy bag price increase 2015 – this time its too much!

The official fashion month, the marathon of presentations of womans fall 2015 collections traveling from NYC to London to Milan and Paris is officially over. Insider feelings towards the collections seem mixed. Anna Wintour, the iconic editor in chief of US Vogue, praised them in a recent interview as an epitome of individuality. However, Business of Fashion sees a certain risk for brands to loose their own identity while trying too hard to please too many different tastes.

Well one thing is for certain – we are departing more and more from the era of judging a bag or shoe or whatever by the logo attached. We finally start to look beyond the surface and choose things depending on quality, wearability and of course the price.

That said today was a shocking morning. Shocking for all Euro countries. And happy for all the people in China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia! Buro 24/7 reported that Chanel, one of my favorite French brands, will adjust its prices worldwide starting April 8th 2015. So what does this adjustment mean? All people in the US, UK, Canada and Japan can relax. According to Business of Fashion (BoF) they won’t be affected. Chanel is about to reduce the price in China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia while elevating it in the EURO countries by 20%. Take the Chanel Boy bag as an example its about EUR 3 100 now and going to be around EUR 3 720 come April 8th. Other iconic bags like the 2.55 and the new 11.12 will be affected as well. By the end of 2015 the price adjustment will cover the entire Chanel portfolio!

So it feels that Chanel is really helping us to look beyond and search for alternatives! But are there real alternatives to Chanel? Let’s start with the Boy Bag today!

Chanel Boy Bag price increase

The first Chanel Boy bags were introduced for fall 2011, picture

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