Top 10 summer essentials – the Mise en Dior tribal earring & Co

In the Justine Picardie written biography “Coco Chanel – Her life” it is said that while being in Venice Chanel thought about woman bathing in the lagoon that they would have looked so much better if they would have worn their pearls in the water, the element where they originated from. Well I don’t quite agree with her, because the salt water destroys all kinds of jewelry within a few days, but I feel that there is no better season to wear pearls than in summer with a slight tan! And this season we are happy enough that pearls are a huge trend, particularly when it comes to double pearl designs. So where to get some of the best pearl pieces this season?

Dior tribal earrings, Sophie Bille Brahe Ellipse earrings and Delfina Delettrez banana shapes are cool but somehow already a little bit of old news. Taking inspiration from Emma Watson’s recent appearance at the Valentino couture show I strongly feel that the close to the ear double pearl styles might be succeeded by more hanging double pearl shapes in recent times.

Asherali Knopfer

Taking inspiration from Emma Watson at the Valentino Couture presentation ( double pearl hanging earrings are a great way to accessorize airy jumpsuits or dresses for a summer evening!

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Chanel Private view …

The Chanel Private view film starring the new fall winter 2014 pre-collection lensed by Karl Lagerfeld has been released and the pieces hit the stores within the upcoming weeks. Chanel Private view deals with a late night store visit of a very important client, played by Chanel creative consultant Amanda Harlech at 31 rue Cambon. Upon arrival à la parisienne at the back of a motor scooter driven by Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard and personal assistant Sebastien Jondeau, Lady Amanda Harlech, who is wearing a tailored double breasted Chanel Paris Dallas jacket, is first mistaken by the store directrice played by Jamie Bochert as an ordinary gazer. Consequently access to the closed boutique is denied. Upon removal of her Ruby helmet things change and she is guided up the mirror staircase where the collection is presented to her at a private room. And of course things come as they have to … she is so fascinated by the new fall winter pre-collection that she takes it completely … So the video is fun and pokes just a tiny bit at the sometimes omnipresent arrogance in the high end retail environment – What about the collection?

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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Top 10 summer essentials – Celine Ghillie sandals & Co.

Isn’t it a schizophrenic time right now. We are in the midest of summer, thinking about our upcoming vacations and the stores continue to fill with warm and cosy pieces that make you start dreaming of your fall outfits. Or at least thats how I am feeling right now. To stay a little in tune with the summer mood lets continue with the top ten summer essentials! While I feel that the previous 4 essentials straw hats, sunglasses, sleeveless shirts and denim shorts have a timeless component, essential number 5 is the piece to play a little with summer trends! Here they are the 3 best ideas on flat sandals classy vs trendy for summer 2014!

1. Flat lace up sandals

The flat lace up sandals seems to be a very coveted piece at the moment, they were the star of Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent Chanel couture and were reinterpreted in a more bulky shape on the Isabel Marant as well as Céline summer 2014 runways. This season you have the choice classic and elegant like Chanel couture versus pretty ugly in line with the summer trend!

Celine sandals

Classy and timeless like Michelle Williams wearing Ancient Greek sandals Iphigenia (photo@ versus latest trend like Veronika Heilbrunner wearing Céline Ghillie sandals (photo@

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Top 10 summer essentials – Rag & Bone denim shorts & more

After providing some inspirations on where to get the perfect straw hats, sunglasses and sleeveless shirts for summer here comes some inspiration on denim shorts. Cut off or cuffed in summer they are the equivalent to skinny and boyfriend jeans. Need some inspiration on where to find the best styles and how to combine them?

1. Rag & Bone denim shorts

For quite some time I considered denim shorts as something for teenagers, rock festivals or the beach. However, since I first saw the boyfriend shape Rag & Bone denim shorts at Montaigne Market in Paris I knew that things are going to change for me this season. Sadly they weren’t available in my size and I had to wait and try to get them in NYC. After buying the Rag & Bone denim shorts “Aoyama” I soon realized that they are incredibly versatile for almost every day!

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss seems to love her boyfriend denim shorts, photos,,

Rag & Bone Aoyama shorts in dark blue,

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Top 10 summer essentials – Equipment sleeveless shirts and more

Summer has completely arrived and for many of us there are only a few weeks left until summer holidays start. After providing you with some inspirations regarding straw hats and sunglasses – here is the next item I consider as absolutely essential when it comes to packing for the big summer getaway. Its the sleeveless shirt! Which brand to turn to when it comes to shopping for them?

1. Equipment sleeveless shirts

OK, when it comes to shirts I am a little addicted to the fabulous basic pieces from Equipment. Just for reference Equipment was initially a French brand founded by Carine Roitfelds long term companion Christian Restoin. However, today its owned by the US entrepreneur Serge Azria, who happens to be the force behind Joie and Current Elliott as well. As a consequence of all of that Equipment is the thing every European Union citizen should stock up when visiting the US (e.g. Slim Signature shirt, silk in US $204.00 (equals $150.80) and in EU EURO 290.00 at – Not only price wise but also regarding the availability of different styles!!!


Equipment sleeveless shirts The Keira in black such a great basic when worn with a pair of shorts, photo@montaignemarket

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Cara Delevingne chanel campaign for fall 2014

Have you already seen the Chanel fall winter 2014 campaign featuring Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton  in the boxing ring? It shows that Chanel wants to move forward to a more urban image. They communicate that Chanel somehow works for supermarket shopping or from gym to street. And for me personally the campaign really seems to hit at the right point …


For the upcoming fall 2014 campaign lensed by Karl Lagerfeld Chanel send model of the moment Cara Delevingne into the boxing ring, photo@

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Top 10 summer essentials – Moscot sunglasses & more

Sunglasses are among the top fashion essentials year round. They easily turn a boring look into a stunning outfit. While its great to experiment with different frame shapes and colors as well as lens shades I personally tend to turn to classic designs with a slightly vintage feel. Here are my top 3 brands for sunglasses shopping:

1. Moscot

I had heard a lot of Moscot sunglasses and optical frames prior to our recent trip to New York and consequently a visit to their 108 Orchard street store just a few houses from the original place where everything started in 1936 was an absolute must! Moscot is a downtown New York based eyewear brand worn by celebrities including Terry Richardson and Jonny Depp. They have  an incredible selection of optical frames and sunglasses with a certain vintage spirit and a totally unique retail environment!!!!

Terry Richardson

Moscot, Retired, Alexis, slate green, photo@

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Greg Lauren military jacket

One of the key elements of Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt s chic minimalist wardrobe seem to be military style jackets. During fashion week back in February she combined an oversized style jacket with white pants and for couture week she showed up in another khaki colored jacket, which she mixed effortlessly with a pair of blue distressed, cuffed jeans. I know at the moment its quiet hot and maybe not the right time to think about shopping for khaki jackets. But as always its best to plan ahead before the best styles have already sold out. So which brands to turn to when it comes to shopping for khaki jackets?

Emmanuelle Alt jacket

Emmanuelle Alt wearing military style jackets during fashion week and couture week in Paris, photos@,

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Woman wearing glasses ….

Men wearing glasses have always been great. They are perceived as a symbol of being intellectual. In recent years I feel that there is an ongoing change in the perception of woman wearing glasses. Many stylish woman showed up wearing glasses at fashion events. Here are my top 3 woman wearing glasses.

Woman wearing glasses – Ines de la Fressange daughters

Nine d’Urso (20), just for reference the testimonial of Bottega Veneta’s fragrance campaign, and her sister Violette d’Urso (15) often wear glasses while accompanying their mother Inès de la Fressange to some of the hottest fashion events. Both prefer bold, tortoiseshell frames with a vintage edge.

woman wearing glasses

Ines de la Fressange daughters wearing glasses at fashion events,,,,

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Top 10 summer essentials – Borsalino panama hats & more

A stylish hat is the ultimate essential for summer holidays! No matter whether you are on a beach, a road trip or discovering an exciting city they do not only complete your look but also protect your head from getting a sunstroke! Here are my 3 top brands to get the perfect straw hat!

  1. Borsalino

The Italian heritage brand Borsalino has great basic hats on offer. While the woman’s selection tend to be very conservative and elegant the mens selection simply has the right styles. Borsalino hats are also a fixture during fashion week street style – so its not just a holiday purchase!

Homero Ortega

Borsalino panama hats are the ultimate wardrobe basic, (photos: Diane Krueger at Coachella – & streetstyle photo –

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