Trending for fall 2014 – sixties dresses

We already analyzed the fall 2014 trends regarding headgear,  coats and sweaters. What else usually makes  an impression on the runway? For sure the most integral component of most collections - The dresses! Just take Bottega Veneta with an entire fall collection based on dresses. Despite of this runway situation I feel that most people in the streets no matter whether its fashion week street style or just everyday city life rarely buy dresses. Here everything seems to be about separates and pants!  That said I want to keep the dress trend section quite short, because I feel that there is only one major trend called 60ies revival!

sixties dresses

Floating dresses reminiscent of the fashion of the late sixties and early seventies celebrate a huge revival at the moment, photos: Alexa Chung in Burberry fall 2014 (, Dafne Fernandez in Burberry fall 2014 (, Naomi Harris in Buberry FW2014, Donna Air in Burberry fall 2014 (, Olivia Palermo in Burberry fall 2014 (, Emma Watson in vintage Ossie Clark (, Kate Moss in Saint Laurent spring 2013 (

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Fashion month is just around the corner …

On Thursday next week the biannual fashion month kicks of and the woman’s summer collections for 2015 are going to be presented. The marathon starts in NYC (detailed schedule is here), travels to London (schedule here), Milan (schedule here) and finally Paris (schedule here). Presentation of summer fashion at a time where everyone started to think about his upcoming fall wardrobe? Is there any reason for a consumer to follow these fashion shows?

fashion month 2015

Fashion month summer 2015 kicks off next Thursday and travels from New York to London to Milan and finally Paris! photos are from,,,

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Sweater shopping list for fall 2014

Do you need a sweater for this fall? After analyzing some of the major trends, like utility fabrics (parachute at Christopher Kane, neoprene at Balenciaga or mesh at Stella Mc), high end materials (like leather at Milly, mink at Gucci or embroidered lace at Mary Katrantzou) or oversizing (as seen at Celine, Prada and Stella McCartney) its time to sum up! Here comes my sweater shopping list for fall 2014!

sweater shopping list

Classic versus trendy sweater what do you want for fall? The fashion sketch comes from

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Sweater trends for fall 2014 – comic heros & Co.

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple – That’s for sure. But on the other hand they are also one of the biggest trends this upcoming fall! We already analyzed the trends regarding fabric and shape here on the blog so now its time to analyze whats trending regrading patterns!

Moschino spongebob sweater

Streetwear inspired sweaters with comic hero or fun prints are a big thing for fall 2014! all pics from

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Chanel grocery store runway – Let’s have a look at the knitwear!

Ever since Chanel purchased heritage Scottish cashmere mill Barrie back in December 2012 knitwear has more and more become a very integral part of every Chanel collection. When it comes to the pre-fall Paris-Dallas show my absolute favorite knitwear pieces were the huge blanket scarf that came in different colors and texture. For the Chanel grocery store runway Karl Lagerfeld opted for the complete opposite of those surely a little hard to wear pieces and showed some super easy to combine infinity scarfs. Again the scarfs were my absolute knitwear standout from the collection!

Chanel grocery store runway

These little infinity scarfs that came in several trendy colors like orange are a nice way to incorporate falls super bright trend! all pics from

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Big bigger biggest – Oversized sweaters are trending for fall!!!

Since several seasons it feels that the good old tightly fitting cashmere pullover is a little out of fashion. Oversizing slowly started to find its way into the runway shows and seems to hit a peek for this fall! So what to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect oversized sweaters this fall!!!

oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters with a plunging neckline look great with a loosely slung necktie or a pussy bow shirt, all pics are from

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Gruyère sweaters on the Chanel grocery catwalk!

Gruyère sweaters on the Chanel grocery catwalk, a ladder sweater shown at Sister by Sibling and a whole collection dedicated to knitting and runners at Comme des Garçons! Feels that 90ies deconstructivism has a huge moment for fall!

Chanel grocery catwalk

The new deconstructivism at Sister by Sibling, Chanel and Comme des Garçons, all photos from

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Mink sweaters & more

For a long time sweaters or sweatshirts were seen as sporty and casual wear. However, with the new movement of sportswear as ready to wear they slowly started to become a real competitor of the classic jacket. This season they receive a super luxurious treatment!

mink sweater

Gucci, Reed Krakoff and Tom Ford were among the brands that presented fur sweaters on the runway, all pics

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Have you already bought a fake without recognizing it?

On our awfully long car drive back home from our summer break at the Northern Sea island Sylt my husband and I came into a fierce discussion – not that we don’t have these discussions every now and then – but this time the topic was totally unusual. It was regarding fake & counterfeit in the luxury goods industry. While I held the strong believe that buying fake pieces is tasteless, he defeated the opinion that the confusing production and sales policies in fashion industry themselves feed and trigger the fake market!!!!

Louis Vuitton lawsuit

After the launch of a bestseller by one brand it not unlikely that the market is flooded by a huge amount of similar products from other brands at the same or more often a lower price range soon after, photos:, shop,

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