Do we have to spend the whole winter in sneakers?

Surely, the biggest footwear trend this year is sports shoes. But whats trending in the field of ankle boots? Well as pants fitting super tight at the ankle somehow seem to fade, the popularity of the biker boots starts to decrease slowly. In line with last fall the major trend in the ankle boots field still seems to be the combat style.

combat boots 2014

Veronika Heilbrunner wearing the Calvin Klein Ashton combat boots from the brands fall 2014 show during fashion month in September, pic

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Not in the mood to embrace the trainer trend this fall?

Well for all those who are not in the mood to embrace the trainer trend this fall I feel that Oxford lace up shoes might be a great alternative. I already discussed their origin, my favourite brands as well as my Oxford lace up shoe style icon Clemence Poesy earlier on the blog, but somehow feel that their is some news in this shoe section for fall!

Oxford lace up shoes

Moscow fashion week attendee in a great outfit with Oxford lace ups, pic

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Nothing is more trending than sneakers this fall

So we had a look on headgear, scarfs, coats, sweaters, denim, skirts, dresses, handbags! Let s finally come to an end of the fall 2014 trend report with a look at the shoe trends of the season. For shoes it almost feels that there is not a lot to say. Everyone around me already knows that there is nothing more trending than sneakers this fall! So lets just focus on the top 4 shoes to embrace the sneaker trend 2014.

sneaker trend 2014

Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing Adidas Stan Smith in Venice, pic

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Chanel spring 2015 – Spotlight on the knitwear

Yes its already some time ago that the “Boulevard Chanel” show with a feminist riot theme hit the Grand Palais in Paris (for all, who haven’t yet seen the show video its online here!). Thinking about the bags, the shoes, the accessories, jackets and even the makeup and nail polish there was really a lot going on on the runway. I can’t even remember one Chanel show that showed as many different styles as this one did! While Chanel previously used to be heavily focused on bags, jackets, pearl jewelry and to some extend shoes there was something within that show that suggested to me that the brand starts to broaden its spectrum …

Chanel spring 2015

With Gisele Buendchen on the Chanel runway in a knitwear ensemble it really seems like the brand wants to focus on this part of its portfolio, pics

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Handbag trends for fall 2014 anyone?

Oh yes I know I am really late to finish my fall trend coverage. Some department stores already offer mid-season sale and the cruise collections are about to arrive in store within the next week. So its high time to hurry and finish my fall trend report. After reflecting on headgear, scarfs, coats, sweaters, lots of denim, dresses and skirts its finally time to come to one of the most important wardrobe departments – HANDBAGS … In contrast to the aforementioned wardrobe departments, where everything seems to be about general trends and tendencies, I feel that in the field of bags its more about brand specific timeless or seasonal “It Bags”.

So let’s start with Chanel. Sure the brand has its classic flap bag, reissue 2.55 and the boy bag. But besides that the Chanel shows are as much about what models wear as they are about what models carry! So which bags are the bags of the fall winter 2014 season? I feel its the bandana bag from Métiers d’Art Paris Dallas. Somehow a descrete bag as it was neither featured in the Kristen Stewart campaign nor is it presented on the brands web page for everyone to see.

handbags for fall 2014

The Chanel bandana bag had a loyal group of followers during fashion month, pics,, harpers

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Gartenkinder at Frieze London 2014

So we are back from almost one week London art trip and there is really so much to talk about. Let’s start with one of my first impressions from Frieze Artfair London. For all, who haven’t yet visited an art fair here comes a short explanation: Art fairs are actually supposed to be trade shows, where private collectors can purchase pieces. However, according to New York Times about 80 percent of Frieze visitors are just spectators. The idea of art fairs isn’t new! It originated in the 20ies in Germany and constantly grew in line with the growth of the global art market, particularly in the major art buying countries, USA, China and UK. The biggest art fair in the world is Art Basel, which is hosted at 3 different locations Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Frieze, which originated in the UK in October 2003, is the second biggest fair…

frieze london 2014

Carsten Holler’s installation “Gartenkinder” at Gagosian Gallery booth at Frieze London. pic

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A new version of the Chanel chain link necklace …?

So we took a closer look on what is going to hit the Chanel stores next March in the field of bags, shoes, jackets – Let’s concentrate on the costume jewelry for spring 2015 now! As the topic of the show was the imaginative Parisian street “Boulevard Chanel” diversity, like we see everyday in the street, was a major component of the show. All the models wore different shades of nail polish, different makeup and yes a huge amount of different jewelry …

Chanel chain link necklace

A reinterpretation of Chanel’s fall 2014 chain link necklace will hit store next spring, pic

We had a big Chanel chain link necklace for fall on the grocery runway (view it here). And yes it was something that stimulated some brands to follow among them Zara and Dior, who introduced their versions of the style. Despite of that Chanel is going to launch a new version of its chain link necklace for spring 2015.  It is inspired by the tie dye pattern from the collection and was presented in a pink-orange as well as green-blue alteration on the runway. And for all those, who can’t get enough of the chain – belts and bracelets will be launched as well! Continue reading

Chanel shoes spring 2015

Now its already over one week ago that Chanel showed its spring 2015 collection (If you want to have a look at it – the video is online here!). As it is often the case with Chanel shows the theme of the show – a feminist demonstration in the faux Parisian street “Boulevard Chanel” – elicited controversial discussions on social media. Despite of that the show was well reviewed by fashion critics like Suzy Menkes. That said we already had a closer look at the handbags and jackets that are going to hit store next March – so what about Chanel shoes spring 2015?

Chanel shoes spring 2015

watercolor shoes in the shape of loafers, ankle boots and contrasting toe boots, pic and

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Let’s sum up – skirt trends for fall 2014

After introducing midi and mini trends I feel its time to sum up the skirt trends for fall 2014. What is classy? What is trendy? And where to look for the best styles? Here comes my summary!

skirt trends for 2014

fashion sketch comes from

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Trending for fall 2014 – the wrap mini skirt

Let’s continue the makeover of the skirts department of our wardrobe for the upcoming fall. As we already discussed in a previous post midi surely was the major skirt length that was snapped by street style photographers during the most recent fashion month! But somehow major online stores didn’t feel that this skirt length is going to become a mainstream favorite any time soon and continued to strongly focus on mini skirts. So how to wear them and which ones are the best this fall?

Isabel Marant Adelaide

Linda Tol wore the Isabel Marant Adelaide skirt in combination with the matching sweater from the brands fall 2014 runway, picture

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