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The Chanel 2.55 bag was first designed in 1939 by Coco Chanel for personal use. In February 1955 it was reissued by Chanel and in 2005 by Karl Lagerfeld. Until today its a true Chanel classic and in some case an unavoidable wardrobe basic for every woman.

Chanel Salzburg bags – Let’s have a closer look!

Everyone, who follows my instagram might have recognised that Chanel Salzburg has finally arrived in stores in Europe. So what better time to have a closer look at the new bags.

Chanel Salzburg bags

Chanel 2.55 Reissue bag in charcoal pearly calf skin with aged ruthenium hardware from Métiers d’Art Paris Salzburg collection – Ref 15A A37590 Y25270 0A592 – chanel.com

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Chanel cruise Seoul handbagporn!

Today Chanel cruise Seoul, the brands latest collection, which is about to hit stores in November, has been presented at Zaha Hadid’s masterwork Dongdaemun Design Plaza. So high time to check out the handbags? What about the new cult plexiglass minaudière? Did the story of the Girl bag, you know the jacket turned bag, continue?

Chanel cruise Seoul

The tortoiseshell minaudière is likely to be the next collectible mini bag from the Chanel family, picture found on style.com

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A closer look at the Chanel Salzburg handbags

Surely the bags presented on a Chanel runway only make up a small portion of the huge amount of new colors and textures that will finally appear in store with a collection. And yes the runway bags aren’t really classy. Maybe not even timeless. But despite of that I always love to have a closer look at them and love to be inspired by how Chanel employed couture embroidery techniques for the design of its runway bags! So lets have a closer look at the Chanel Salzburg handbags!

Chanel Salzburg handbags

Tapestry style embroidered Chanel flap bags seemed to be the standout of Chanel Salzburg bag wise, pic http://instagram.com/uyaramt, http://instagram.com/jonnyhrab

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Whats your favorite Chanel cruise 2015 handbag?

Its always so exciting when a new Chanel collection hits stores. Sure some pieces have already arrived since early October but the official international launch date for Chanel cruise 2015, the Dubai show, is November 18th so its still ahead of us!!! And one of the things I am looking most forward to is surely the handbags. Which exceptional pieces from the runway were the most beautiful? Which are the most amazing new colors and textures that will arrive for the classic flap and Boy bags?

chanel cruise 2015 handbags

The little pearl clutch that was presented on the Chanel cruise 2015 Dubai runway is pure perfection. I am really a little jealous of Korean actress Jung Ryeo-Won, who was happy enough to wear it while attending the Chanel fall 2014 couture show, pics style.com

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My top 3 from the Chanel grocery bag collection

After Paris Dallas (Chanel pre-fall collection) gave the Chanel classics, like Boy, flap and reissue bag, a vintage cowboy makeover the supermarket collection adapts them for the ghetto kids! Something like that might be one of the first thoughts that crosses once mind when having a look at the 2 parts from the Chanel fall collection. But taking a little deeper look I have to admit that there are some really great pieces hidden in the Chanel grocery bag collection, which starts to arrive slowly in store at the moment!

Chanel grocery bag

The orange and green Boy bag from the Chanel grocery bag collection are just the right items to inject a pop of bright color into the fall wardrobe. photos from chanel.com and purseblog.com

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Let’s take a closer look at the Chanel Paris Dallas handbags!!!

Finally, I had been waiting for so long, Chanel Paris Dallas hit stores! While in Paris the collection had not arrived in store we were happy enough to spot the bright Chanel Paris Dallas window installation at the 57th Street New York flagship. As the perception differs so much between exploring a Chanel collection online or experiencing it face to face in store I simply had to walk in and have a look at the pieces. I am going to start with the handbag section and introduce my 3 favorites to you!

Karl Lagerfeld

The all black 2.55 bag is one of my absolute favorites from Chanel Paris Dallas!

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Chanel Dubai fashion show -The handbag brigade

Although the petrol can inspired Chanel Jerrycan bag might be the most talked about piece from the Chanel cruise 2015 Dubai runway chances are that it is not the most inspiring one! A smaller, cube shaped bag with two zippers was shown in several sizes and colors. I had seen a one zipper alteration of it before on the Chanel cruise Singapore runway, but never spotted it in store.

Chanel Dubai fashion show, red alteration of the small cube, photo@style.com

Chanel Dubai fashion show, red alteration of the small cube, photo@style.com

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Chanel cruise 2015 Dubai – Some inspirations on how to wear your Chanel 2.55 in style

The classic Chanel bags, like the Chanel 2.55 or the Boy Chanel, are among the most incredible wardrobe staples a woman can own. However, in my opinion its not only about having such a bag, but also knowing exactly how to express different styles by wearing it in different ways. As the bags strap is adjustable – you can go for a short double strap or a long single strap – you have almost unlimited options of wearing it. Below are my 3 favorite options from the Chanel cruise 2015 Dubai show.

Karl Lagerfeld

Alteration of the Chanel 2.55, photo@style.com

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Chanel Jerrycan purse from the resort 2015 Dubai – bad taste vs. cool irony?

Guess that everyone with a basic interest in fashion has already seen it somewhere – the Chanel Jerrycan purse from the resort 2015 Dubai show. I saw two alterations on the runway – A bigger made in quilted leather and a smaller worn cross-body in plexi glass. From an aesthetic point of view I could connect with the plexi glass Chanel Jerrycan bag but felt severely distracted by the quilted leather style. But the gas can shape isn’t something new from Chanel. I have seen it before…


Chanel Jerrycan purse from the Cruise 2015 Dubai show, photo@chanel.com

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Chanel cruise Dubai – A closer look at the clothing

Yesterday Chanel cruise Dubai was presented. A little similar to Métiers d’Art Paris Dallas Karl Lagerfeld fused the spirit of Dubai with the Chanel heritage. As typical for a Chanel show there were so many different shapes, patterns, colors and decorative elements in the show that its really hard to name some favorites.

Pants ruled the Chanel cruise Dubai runway with shapes ranging from palazzo over straight and cigarette towards cuffed harem pants. A lot of white pants were present and gave the collection a little bit of Riviera spirit. One of the most adorable pants might have been a white slightly cropped straight pant with 3 little buttons and decorative, cobalt blue embroidery at the ankle. I guess the same pant style was also sent down the runway in black and cream with more simple buttons.

Karl Lagerfeld

Fabulous white pant on the Chanel cruise Dubai runway, photo@style.com

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