Kim Kardashian Venice holidays – Did she really skip the Grand Cafes on Piazza di San Marco?

I guess Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked about persons at the moment. And celebrities are highly important to drive customers into a particular restaurant, club or whatever establishment! While on Piazza di San Marco in Venice Italy a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but think of Kim Kardashian Venice holiday photos (Don’t get me wrong I am not a big fan of her or her style! I just remembered them.). A public appearance of Kim and Kanye is usually highly planned – nothing is left to chance! She wore Dolce Gabbana to honor the country, he bought her a red rose, which looked so great with her white dress. They visited a store, likely to be Dolce Gabbana. But stop I had never seen a photo of them enjoying a drink at one of the Grand Cafes! Did they have particular reasons?


Kim Kardashian Venice holidays, photo@

I am not sure why Kim Kardashian Venice holiday photos didn’t include a stop at one of the Grand Cafes. In general there are 3 of them on Piazza di San Marco, Caffe Florian, Caffe Lavena and Caffe Quadri. The concept of them is mainly the same. There is a big outdoor terrace without sun protection and a stage for a small orchestra, which plays a mix of music they usually call “European Evergreens”. As soon as the orchestra starts to play talking at the table is impossible and you have to pay a fee of 6EURO for every first order!

Kim Kardashian Venice

Coke Zero at Caffe Quadri.

The menu at Quadri and Florian is in English and Italian – But just to be sure that all the tourist understand it there is a photo of each dish included. We had lunch at both institutions and chose one club sandwich and one ham and cheese sandwich to share for 4 (Portions are big enough to do this!). As a beverage my husband and I ordered Coke Zero in both locations. However, at the Florian the waiter informed us that they only have Coke light (Diet Coke in the US). For everyone, who knows a thing or two about Coca Cola its crystal clear that there is a huge difference in taste between them. So we had to take water instead at the Florian (definitely healthier but not really understandable for a restaurant in this price range).


Menue at Caffe Florian.

Kim Kardashian Venice

Gianduitto ice cream on the menu at Cafe Florian and cheaper but incredibly good version is definitely available at the Dorsoduro Gelateria Nico

Except the coke thing the table wear at the Quadri with its Murano glass inspired elements contributed to a much better dining experience compared with the Florian.

All in all I guess that Kim Kardashian Venice holiday photos are right – She didn’t visit neither one of them. They have price that are comparable with really fancy restaurants all over the world but at least at the terrace they are more like an overpriced tourist eatery. If you really want to dine at Piazza di San Marco the Quadri would be my recommendation!