A Celine dress is simply the best – Trust Carine & Gaia

I am a true Céline addict. The French brand owned by the luxury cluster LVMH simply has some of the best ready to wear. Their skirts are incredible, the coats are among the most comfortable and stylish in the world and the bags, in particular the black Phantom are to die for. And a funny coincidence at Paris Couture last week proofed that a Celine dress is simply the best too!

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld wearing a safari style shirt dress, very likely to be from Céline’s spring 2014 collection, photos Anna Klam Facebook, Vanity Fair

Carine Roitfeld is already 59. Its something thats almost impossible to believe when you see her perfect shape and super sexy appearance. In the middle of the 90ies until beginning of 2000 she was one of the major forces behind the “porno chic”, which rose Gucci to fame under the creative direction of the US designer Tom Ford. And somehow for me she still is the epitome of that style mixed with a lot of “French attitude”. That said I loved how she combined a simple safari style shirt dress with a pair of leaf printed knee high boots, which could have directly stepped down from the Hermès spring runway.

Gaia Repossi

Gaia Repossi wearing the same safari style shirt dress Carine Roitfeld had worn earlier that day for the Dior Couture presentation, photo@ vogue.fr

Gaia Repossi is 28 and could easily be Carine’s daughter. She is the creative director of the French Italian jewelry house, which had been founded by her grandfather. Regarding her style for me Gaia is almost the complete opposite of Carine. She prefers loosely fitting, minimalist pieces with a little edge of vintage. So the totally funny coincidence for me happened when I found a picture showing Gaia Repossi at the Dior Couture after dinner wearing exactly the same dress Carine had worn for the Couture presentation earlier the same day.

Carine Roitfeld

Looks very much like this Celine dress from the spring 2014 collection is the one Carine Roitfeld and Gaia Repossi had both fallen for. photo@celine,com

Two woman from two different generations with two very different styles looked fabulous in the same dress. Doesn’t the coincidence proof that this dress has to be the epitome of versatility? After searching a little I found that its very likely that the dress both had fallen for is a Celine dress from the brands spring collection!

What do you think do you like the Celine dress with the safari style pockets? How would you wear it?

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