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Similar to H&M Zara is a high street brand, which aims at bringing great design clothing to the mass. In contrast to H&M, which launches annual designer collaborations to achieve this goal, Zara relies heavily on runway inspiration with a particular focus on the French brand Céline. Besides those inspired-by pieces Zara is always worth a visit. With a little experience you can find incredible pieces for super low prices.

Top 10 summer essentials – Celine skirts

I rarely fix a particular wardrobe staple to a certain brand but when it comes to summer essential number 8 – the airy midi-skirt – there is only one brand I can recommend. Its the Celine skirt with the concave hemline. So here comes some inspiration of how to wear your Celine skirt this summer!

Phoebe Philo

fabulous, concave hemmed skirts from the Celine spring 2014 runway show, photos@style.com

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Finding the perfect shirt taking inspiration from Alma Jodorowsky

Alma Jodorowsky, the French actress who played a role in “Blue Is the Warmest Colour” , proofed that she does not only look beautiful but also has great fashion taste. Totally effortless she combined pieces from different looks from the Chanel Dubai show in order to make them parts of her very own outfit for her front row appearance at the Chanel Couture presentation yesterday. For me the standout of her ensemble definitely was the cream white shirt with the tail at the back. Super simple, absolutely elegant and timeless – that’s how a great wardrobe basic should look like. So where to shop for a perfect shirt like the one worn by Alma Jodorowsky?

Chanel Dubai show

I love how Alma Jodorowsky mixed pieces from different looks from the Chanel Dubai show to make them her own outfit. photo@style.com

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Double strap Birkenstocks versus crisscross sandals and T bar

Phoebe Philo started the bulky flat sandal trend with her spring 2013 collection one year ago. As Karl Lagerfeld said “There is not beauty without some strangeness in the proportions!” one year ago the ugly shoe trend conquers spring 2014 – It needed some time to become mainstream. However, even when buying an intentionally ugly shoe some considerations have to be made to wear it in style instead of sloppy or bucolic. Double strap shoes, crisscross sandals and T-bars are on offer. Which style to choose mainly depends on the shape of the feet….

crisscross sandals

Celine two strap sandals from spring 2013, photo@celine.com

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