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Read about the most iconic products by Rag & Bone, find out more about alternatives and get some inspirations on how to make the best out of your Rag & Bone items!

Sweater trends for fall 2014 – comic heros & Co.

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple – That’s for sure. But on the other hand they are also one of the biggest trends this upcoming fall! We already analyzed the trends regarding fabric and shape here on the blog so now its time to analyze whats trending regrading patterns!

Moschino spongebob sweater

Streetwear inspired sweaters with comic hero or fun prints are a big thing for fall 2014! all pics from style.com

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From the Rag & Bone fedora to Saint Laurent’s wide brim styles – A hat is simply what you need this fall!

Two is a coincidence 3 a trend! But when it comes to hats on the fall 2014 runways its more than just a trend! Its a must for every woman, who pays just a little attention to fashion! There were floppy wide brim styles with just a bit of 70ies factor at Saint Laurent (EURO 790.00) and Coach – Great for oblong and very angular faces, but incredibly good looking with a perfectly round face too. A patchwork fedora at Chanel fall winter pre-collection and Rag & Bone fedora hats – Best for round faces, but equally well working with an oblong face when the brim is strictly facing downward (that’s the case for Maison Michel Henrietta but not so much for the Virginie)! And not to forget, besides Rag & Bone fedora hats, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Coach, oversized melon hats at Emporio Armani – likely to look good on everyone, who is brave enough to wear them with attitude!

Rag & Bone fedora

Saint Laurent and Coach wide brim hats, Emporio Armani oversized melon or Chanel patchwork fedora – hats are a big issue this fall! all photos@style.com

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Top 10 Summer essentials – Lets finally sum up!

By now we finished our list of top 10 summer essential, which included: 1) straw hats, 2) sunglasses, 3) sleeveless shirts, 4) denim shorts, 5) flat sandals (so sad I missed the black purple Celine crisscross sandals this season – but good news the SA at Celine at Printemps Paris told me that there will be new colors for resort 2015 arriving in store in December!!!), 6) pearl jewelry, 7) the no logo beach tote, 8) Céline skirts, 9) summer pants and 10) espadrilles. Accompanied by two bikinis – one plain and the other one patterned (makes 4 different looks!!!) – some pretty dresses and off the moment evening wear your suitcase is ready to join you during your vacation at some of the hippest beaches in the world!

Celine crisscross sandals

Celine crisscross sandals or classic Tropéziennes here are the top 10 pieces to pack for your summer vacation!

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Top 10 summer essentials – Rag & Bone denim shorts & more

After providing some inspirations on where to get the perfect straw hats, sunglasses and sleeveless shirts for summer here comes some inspiration on denim shorts. Cut off or cuffed in summer they are the equivalent to skinny and boyfriend jeans. Need some inspiration on where to find the best styles and how to combine them?

1. Rag & Bone denim shorts

For quite some time I considered denim shorts as something for teenagers, rock festivals or the beach. However, since I first saw the boyfriend shape Rag & Bone denim shorts at Montaigne Market in Paris I knew that things are going to change for me this season. Sadly they weren’t available in my size and I had to wait and try to get them in NYC. After buying the Rag & Bone denim shorts “Aoyama” I soon realized that they are incredibly versatile for almost every day!

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss seems to love her boyfriend denim shorts, photos @vogue.it, 4.bp.blogspot.com, rediff.com

Rag & Bone Aoyama shorts in dark blue, rag-bone.com

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De-sweeten blush pink pieces with a spot of bright red – Take inspiration from some recent fashion campaigns!

While in NYC a made a surprising purchase! While browsing the racks at Saks my sales assistant showed me a Rag & Bone top with an amazing cut and told me how beautiful it looks when its worn. However, it was kind of baby pink and made of almost 100% polyester. For me, whose wardrobe is strictly arranged into black, navy, white, khaki and neutrals, very little print (only breton stripes, gingham and plaid as well as few animal printed pieces) and almost only natural fabrics it was hard to consider a pieces that will stand out so much from the rest of the wardrobe. That said I tried it on, was amazed by the shape and somehow bought it – It was on sale so why not!?


Rag&Bone Fleet top, photo@ssense.com

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